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Behind The Scenes

Behind the scene shots of the team working hard for our couples! Photo credits: Modern Romance Productions, SoWedding, Megan Edelman, Love Is In The Lens <3

Wedding Door Games

Traditional Chinese weddings we plan tend to start early, think 6:00 AM wake-up time! Why? Hair and makeup generally take 2 hours for the bride's hair and makeup and 1 hour and 30 minutes for each bridemaids' hair and makeup!  Yikes!  Then we have sometimes have to the traditional  Chinese wedding door games, sometimes "bai sun" and Chinese tea ceremonies at both the bride and groom's homes! How To Plan For The Traditional Door Games  Allot 30 minutes – 1 hour Hide the bride in a room, pre-set door game props Have groom, groomsmen and groom's friends arrive at the bride’s home Red Pocket Exchange The bridesmaids will ask for a red pocket with $9999.99 or $8888.88. The groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids will then bargain a bit, all in good fun! Don’t worry, the groom is not really expected to pay this much. A red envelope with $20.00-100.00/ bridesmaid is sufficient. After the red pocket is exchanged, they groom and the groomsmen will be asked to do a series of torture games Play A Few Mini Games Our Favorite Chinese Wedding Door Games: Passing the seaweed, it never gets old Popping the balloon, place balloon in between the groomsman’s thighs and using a pen the groom/ groomsmen must do sit-ups to pop the balloon Diaper jumping jacks Marriage advice, have the groom ask 3 strangers for marriage advice, knock on doors or run to a nearby corner store Reasons why the groom loves the bride, for homes that have staircases - have the groom list a reason why he loves the bride with each step he takes up the stairs Groom knock on bride’s door, hug or kiss Tips: Include the bride by using an iPad/ iPhone to FaceTime the door games. It will keep the bride laughing and calm Bridesmaids should ask the groom how many groomsmen and friends he will be bringing along with him when he "picks up the bride" so that enough props are prepared. Be sure to include everyone in the games Nothing edible please! Some door games involve eating something sweet, sour, bitter and hot. We do not recommend this as some people have very sensitive stomachs, last thing that we want will be someone having an upset stomach all day Have fun & play but stay clean, we don’t need stains on anyone's attire. Prepare extra napkins, yoga mats to line the floor, bibs and extra garbage bags. Also, stay "clean" … the bride’s close family members will be present, you do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable