Shing Weddings is an award winning Vancouver based wedding planning company dedicated to helping couples fully and freely celebrate their love for one another on their wedding day

Named after Kwong Shing Lee, the beloved grandfather of Lisa Lee for his endless dedication and pursuit of his passions. Shing Weddings strives to bring that same energy into their wedding planning services, ensuring their couples have the best “first day” possible as they start their lives of love together

Other tidbits:

-Founded in 2009, Shing Weddings has successfully planned over 200 weddings and events
-Along with our wedding and events experience, we also have over 14 years of managerial experience in the hospitality industry focusing in Food & Beverage, Guest Services, Catering
-We specialize in Asian weddings (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino) and through the years, we have mastered its etiquettes. Bonus, our team can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese

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LISA LEE-TRUONG | Principal Planner

Lisa is often described as creative, honest, outgoing, free-spirited and loud. It all started in 2009 when Lisa wanted to combine her passion for the hospitality industry with her dream of owning her own business. With the support of the love of her life, Lisa successfully planned her first wedding in May of 2009. Fast forward all these years, she is still ecstatic doing what she does

Lisa lives for weddings and feels so blessed that couples are willing to trust her with their “first day” of forever. Nothing makes her happier than helping her couples have a fun, carefree and meaningful day

WPIC Certified Wedding Planner
14 Years Hospitality Experience
LORRAINE LEUNG | Bridal Extraordinaire

Lorraine is often described as subtle, quiet and easy going. Being gentle and being an all star in the beauty department. She’s the one responsible for keeping the bride calm, the wedding party beautiful, energized and of course on time

Whether it’s sewing up a button in seconds, fixing our bride’s makeup or puffing the dress before the bride walks down the aisle, Lorraine’s calm and playful personality definitely adds to Shing Wedding’s motto of helping our couples have a day that’s fun, carefree and meaningful day

12 Years Hospitality Experience