Couldn’t have done it without Lisa and team! Let’s start off by saying all the 5 star reviews you read about Lisa and her team are absolutely 100% true! We hired Shing Weddings purely on reviews and word of mouth from friends. We did the full planning package and we couldn’t be happier. Lisa is super friendly and easy to work with. Wedding planning is just... stressful... and she made it organized and as enjoyable as it can be by handling almost everything. Lisa did an amazing job making our wedding very “us”. Throughout the planning months, she provided advice, ideas and vendors based on what would be most suitable for us. She worked really hard to understand our vision and budget, and delivered the best wedding experience possible. Lisa faced a bit of a challenge with my family at the beginning, who were very skeptical about us hiring a wedding planner. After the wedding was over, the toughest critics in our family applauded her for a job well done and recognized that Lisa helped us tremendously on the wedding day and that we couldn’t have done it without her and her team. Now that says a lot! There were so many added touches that she and her team did on the wedding day that didn’t go unnoticed. Big thanks to Lisa, Michelle and Mandy for making our wedding day perfect aka stress free. We got to enjoy every minute of the day, soaked in all the love and excitement that weddings are supposed to be all about. We highly recommend hiring Lisa and Shing Weddings for your full wedding planning experience!