Best Planner Ever! When Lisa commits to helping you with your wedding, she gives you everything she has to ensure your wedding is perfect, and you will get to enjoy it. She is organized, responsible and selfless. You can rely on her to get you through the planning process all the way to your Big Day. I hired Lisa about six months before our wedding, as I became overwhelmed with the workload. As my project manager and consultant, she released me from the fear that I might miss something as well as guided us towards decisions that were hard to make. If there is a detail that you are unfamiliar with, and in our case, it is music and whether to have a DJ, it’s hard to make a decision on it. For months, the issue dragged on and added to our anxiety. As consultant, Lisa is that quick, go-to person to offer you insights with which you can make decisions. Her advice is priceless. On wedding day, Lisa brought her team, Michelle and Alex with her. Michelle acted as my personal assistant and made me feel like a princess. I literally did not have to lift a finger to do anything, but to enjoy the day. One of our elderly guests had an accident during the evening, and Alex arranged to send her to the hospital. It was so seamlessly done that I only knew of the incident after the night was over. I feel very lucky to have Lisa as my wedding planner. Her rates are a bargain when you discover the quality and level of her service. If you are planning a wedding, include a budget for a planner. If you’re looking for a planner, do yourself a favour and contact Lisa. You will thank yourself for that.