Lisa was the backbone of our wedding. She was recommended to us by a relative who worked with lisa for a corporate event. We decided on the spot to have Lisa guide us in our wedding planning process at the end of our first meeting because we were truly impressed with her genuine interest in getting to know us and we felt comfortable with her bubbly and hilarious personality. Lisa held our hand throughout the entire process and she really became my best friend in the wedding planning journey. Lisa is so much fun to plan things with and she is not afraid to tell you if something is a little over the top but not only that, she will come up with alternatives that suit your original idea. Lisa is there when you need her and she will always find a way to calm you and make it all better again. I never felt alone in the process and Lisa's actions will show you that she genuinely cares about you (not just your wedding, but how you're feeling, how is your stress level, how is your fiancé, etc.). Lisa is very knowledgeable in terms of the logistics of different types of weddings and she makes sensible suggestions that my husband and I both agreed with at different phases of planning. Lisa will also remind me to stay within budget because once you start planning your wedding, many things can get out of hand! On the day of the wedding, Lisa brought with her two of her assistants that were very pleasant to be around to take care of the entire wedding party while she took on the master role of looking after every little detail of the wedding. Lisa and her team was like our shock absorbent shield so everyone could breathe and truly enjoy the day. Many people think I'm joking when I say I wish I could do this all over again but I have Lisa to thank for this. I wouldn't tackle planning a wedding without her and most importantly, she made the whole experience fun and enjoyable! We really can't thank Lisa enough for helping us with a wedding that exceeded our own expectations and creating such positive memories for all of us.