With only one month left until the wedding, Lisa was one of the best things that happened to us! We were looking for someone to help us coordinate our big day and execute our vision. Upon our first meeting with Lisa, we knew we had found the perfect person. Her infectious energy, quirky humor and attention to detail won our hearts over instantly. Leading up to the wedding day, Lisa was supportive in all of our ideas and empowered us to make our own decisions. She impressed us with her resourcefulness and ability to find creative solutions to any problems we threw at her. She never judged our decisions and made an effort to make our wishes happen. We also appreciated how she dedicated time and energy into connecting with every one of our vendors, family members and friends involved in the wedding, through face-to-face meetings and phone calls. Not everyone takes time to do that! Not only did she know every key person from our wedding by name, she impressed them with her hard work and extensive knowledge of wedding rituals, including the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Our families, including the grandparents, had nothing but high praises for their professionalism. On the day of, Lisa was like Superwoman. Somehow she was able to show up everywhere – from setting up and troubleshooting onsite at the wedding venue, to our tea ceremony in West Vancouver and our first look. Her partner Lorraine also deserves a huge kudos by supporting the entire wedding party throughout the day. Thanks to her, our wedding party could enjoy themselves and have a stress-free day. So many people were worried about us not having a chance to eat throughout the course of the day, but this was a huge no-no in Lisa’s books. Everywhere we turned, Lorraine or Lisa was ready with a plate of food or a bottle of water with a straw. During the wedding photoshoot, Lorraine was always ready to hoist 5 umbrellas on her arms, with a luggage in hand with eight 20″x20″ balloons tied to it. These are just a few of the many examples of how well they were taking care of us. Throughout this experience, Lisa has become more than just our wedding coordinator and planner, but a great friend. To us, it was all about making great memories and enjoying the moment. Lisa and her amazing team made that a reality. Even at the end of the night, we were able to spend quality time with all of the guests while the Shing Wedding team packed up tirelessly behind the scenes. They have a real talent in delivering a seamless event and making sure everyone was having a good time. Their hard work did not go unnoticed with many of our guests (and brides-to-be) asking for their contact information. Thank you Lisa, Lorraine and your stellar team for one of the best days of our lives!