We've booked Lisa as our the Day of Coordinator, but I definitely wouldn't call her the day of, I would call her the month of, or even the 6 months of coordinator/planner. Throughout the months of planning, Lisa make sure that everything was on track and helped us make decisions on scheduling, should we do this, should we do that...etc. On the wedding day, her crew was AMAZING! We are so grateful that Lisa and Lorraine and the crew were there with us. They were with us since early in the morning when we were getting ready, for the Chinese/Korean ceremony, setting up of the venue, and were the last ones to leave after the tear down of the venue late at night. Not only they ensure everything were on schedule, coordinated so well with all my vendors and the wedding party...they realllly took extra steps to help us out and took care of everything so my husband and I could enjoy our big day. I don't even know how many times the bridesmaids and I said "Luckily Lisa and Lorraine were here!". Lorraine is absolutely amazing! If she weren't there to fix my dress, I wouldn't be able to have my First Dance. We were so impressed with their professionalism. My husband and I both cannot agree more that hiring Shing Weddings was the BEST decision we've made for our wedding! Thank youuuuu so much again for making our day soooo perfect!!!! :)