I was skeptical of having a wedding planner for my wedding at first as I couldn't justify an additional expense item for my wedding when I could go ahead and research and find vendors myself. However, Lisa was amazing at her initial meeting with us, to the point where I told my wife - we need to get this girl as our wedding planner. She was shocked that I was open to the idea of a wedding planner when just a few days before meeting Lisa I was so against the idea. Lisa really takes you under her wing when she becomes your planner. Every meeting was fun and the client/vendor relationship just grew into a friendship at the very end. Her attention to detail is like no other and her ideas for the wedding are never the same. She helped us be realistic with our budget and helped us find savings that if we had done it on our own, probably would have overpaid on some vendors because we don't know the industry. I believe the amount of savings we got from having her as our planner was more than enough to pay for her services. Prime example is we got a storybook backdrop for our wedding that to rent would have costed us $1000, but Lisa was able to find us something for $300. Get her full package as the amount of time and headache she'll save you is well worth it. I was able to focus on my career, while having Lisa plan my big day for me and even my colleagues were surprised at how calm and relax I was leading up to the big day. As a result of freeing up my time to focus on work, I recently got a pay raise for the exceptional performance I had during the months before and after our wedding. Had I not had Lisa as a planner, I probably will be playing catch up in my career because all my spare time will be used up to plan the wedding instead of focusing on what I do best at work. We've already recommended a few couples to her already and so far they have loved every meeting with Lisa. Book her before she gets booked up for the next wedding season!