Vancouver is pretty small and also have a lot of competitive industries out there but if you want your dream wedding to become reality, stop searching, cause Shing Weddings is the only place you should look. I remember that people kept continuously namedropping this wedding planner/team and saying how amazing they were; so when I first met Lisa as the planner for my sister’s wedding, I had A LOT of expectations! From the initial meeting to the actual event, I was so impressed with her planning, her organization, her team – basically the whole execution, that I was 101% positive that if I were to ever get married, Shing Weddings would have to be a part of it. And sure enough, when the time came, I was so relieved to have been able to secure Lisa and her team for my big day. Being “slightly” type A, I really wanted everything to be perfect, even down to the smallest details – but if you have Lisa and her team, you can literally kick back and chill. Lisa and her team always had a positive attitude even when they’re dealing with all sorts of vendors to family and friends. Shing Weddings is your best friend – the one to hold your hand through decision making, walk you through uncertainty, celebrate the big moments, and hold your hair when you’re drunk. They also put up with you even when you start to go a little crazy. Amazing team, amazing work, amazing company!