We sought after Lisa's help at Shing Weddings 18 months prior to our wedding and we are extremely pleased that we did. Lisa has been highly professional, meticulous and efficient yet personable and approachable throughout our entire wedding planning process. She kept us on task and focused throughout the process but, unlike our dealings with many other businesses she has a very friendly edge to her that made all our meetings and time together enjoyable. Lisa knows the delicate balance of when to allow her clients to make their own decisions and when to take the reins and carefully guide the process. While we wanted a lavish and beautiful wedding, we also had a hard budget to stick to and her careful planning allowed us to navigate through it. While her tone and demeanor are pleasant and even casual, we never felt that she was not up to the task and unable to deliver the wedding we wanted at the cost we were willing to pay at the onset. It's evident she's in this line of work out of a passion for weddings and we cannot recommend her enough to those who are looking for a planner - and chances are if you think you need one, you probably do! Special thanks goes to her extended team who came out for the day of and soldiered with us through a 19-hour day - it was a lot of work and few guests are able to appreciate all of what goes behind the scenes!