To our dearest Lisa! Thank you!! Where do we even start? Being wedding photographers ourselves, we were an extremely picky couple, and we have been around weddings for over 10 years, so we had extra high standards. BUT. Lisa and her team EXCEEDED our standards and amazed us with her professionalism, passion, and a natural planner mind. We were impressed by her excel sheets, lightning response speed, and ability to handle emergencies — you have to work with Shing Weddings to witness the indescribable. We experienced Shing Wedding's planning ability first-hand a few years ago at our good friend's wedding. Being on the bridal party, we saw every little detail from a different perspective. We saw how Lisa works and immediately knew we had to have her. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made throughout these 2 years of the wedding planning process. We could not thank Lisa and her team enough for keeping us sane so that we could have the creative freedom to design an unconventional vision. We ended up having a 13hrs schedule starting from 5 am including 12 dress changes, 3 bridal party outfit changes, BBT tea ceremony, skateboard entrance, 10 minutes choreographed first dance, taking our own wedding photos and so much more little thing that would've driven the husband nuts. Lisa made them all happen! Throughout the process, Lisa continuously checked upon us, giving us homework & updates, following up with to-do items, and checking them off for us. We were in the midst of the wedding season before our own wedding in October, and Lisa strategically pushed us to progress! The last month was Lisa and us on a battlefield, but Lisa was more so on the front end kind of vibe — she made sure our decisions were solidified, things are getting delivered to the right place, and that everyone knows what's going on. It's unbelievable how she handles everything. On the day of, Lisa was the director that everyone reported to, and she took care of all the communication on our behalf. Her team stood by our side in the most professional yet heart-warming way. Being in the industry we know how chaotic a wedding could be, and our wedding was surely more than chaotic — we are so so thankful to have Lisa made the day as smooth and memorable as it can be.