What can I say? Where should I start? We were lucky to have Lisa to help us throughout the wedding planning and execution of what turned out to be not only smooth but beautiful and fun wedding! Lisa worked very well with us because of her honesty, straightforwardness and creativity! We are two full-time professionals and our life was already hectic enough with all sort of unrelated family and other events that we needed to take care of prior to the wedding, without her, our wedding would have not been the talk of the week! With her connections in the industry, I am very confident that we had the best vendors to work with. Good price, great quality and those vendors are someone that I would like to call friends moving forward, especially Lisa herself. On our wedding day, she made sure that everything was done on time and all the guests were well taken care of. During our wedding photoshoot at a park outside at 30 degree, she brought along water for not only us and the wedding party, but for the vendors as well. And SHE CARRIED ALL ON HER OWN SHOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!Where can you find a wedding planner like this? Seriously!