Lisa was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Not only was our wedding a complete success – it exceeded our expectations in every single way. This success was largely due to Lisa’s contributions. You could say she was the glue for our wedding. Planning a wedding is a daunting task; planning a memorable wedding that hits all the right notes is even more challenging. Because of Lisa, we were able to accomplish the latter with relative ease and with no worries. Lisa noted all of our specific needs down to the last detail and patiently helped us navigate through the planning process. She took care of all the small details you wouldn’t even know to think about. Her vast experience, wealth of knowledge, and guidance were invaluable assets. But not only that, Lisa was also incredibly generous with her time, often going above and beyond her scope. I could feel how much she cared about our wedding. It genuinely felt like she was as invested in our wedding as we were, and the success of the wedding mattered just as much to her as it did to us. On the day of our wedding, Lisa and her team were absolutely impeccable. Everyone, including our guests, was impressed by how attentive and coordinated Lisa and her team were. The day went flawlessly and was perfectly executed – all thanks to Lisa’s meticulous level of organization and preparation throughout the planning process. Nothing could have gone better – and that isn’t an exaggeration! What made our experience with Lisa so special, however, was Lisa herself. From day 1, Lisa shined a bright, positive energy that translated throughout our entire wedding; and this is what sets her apart – her amazing personality and charm. From seeing how she interacted with our guests, her team, and vendors, it’s clear that everyone loves her; and it truly made the biggest difference to everyone that was part of our wedding. Thank you, Lisa!