Shing weddings was recommended to us a by a friend. We set up an appointment with Lisa to meet and from the moment we met her, we knew we wanted her to be our wedding coordinator. Lisa went above and beyond our expectations and with all the changes due to covid-19 we would have never been able to do this without Lisa’s help. Lisa assisted with all communications with our vendors and gave us recommendations to help us stay within our budget. She was very quick to respond and helped with any questions we had. She planned many zoom meetings to keep us on track with things we still had to purchase for the wedding and making sure we don’t fall behind with our wedding planning. Lisa is very detail oriented, she created different schedules for each of our vendors, parents, wedding party and of course for ourselves to keep us organized and on time. With Covid-19, a lot of things had to change and Lisa really helped us still have our dream wedding as well as following the Covid-19 rules and restrictions. On our wedding rehearsal day, Lisa went over many things in detail which made our actual wedding day go flawlessly. She created a list of items to bring for the rehearsal day and she took them from us so we have a few less things to worry about during the wedding. She also collected the money for all the vendors from us so that we wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to pay someone on the day of the wedding which was a HUGE help. On our actual wedding day, Lisa had Nancy and Michelle help out as well. Lisa and her team set up and took down our entire wedding for us. I (the bride) always had at least one person with me to help me fix my hair, hold my bouquet, fix my dress, and help with anything I needed. There was one person who also assisted the vendors (helping them set up, making sure they were following the schedule). Our families even mentioned it was great it was to have Lisa and her team helping out with there needs as well too. One extra bonus is that Lisa can speak Chinese and she knew all of the Chinese traditions which really helped out with our families. I can not say enough good things about Shing Wedding and would 100% recommend her to anyone who is planning a wedding.