Speechless! To say that we are extremely impressed with Lisa and her team is an understatement. Shing Weddings pulled all the stops to ensure that our wedding was a memorable one. When my groomsman found out Lisa was our wedding planner, he said she was also his wedding planner and that we made the right choice — this was evident early on. However, it was on our wedding day that her excellence really shined. The Shing Weddings team choreographed our day down to the tee; kept us on time and on track; made sure our pictures looked great; ensured all the decorations was set up according to plan; and took care of all the cleanup and aftermath. She took care of all the small details so that we can bask in the moment of our special day. She is friendly, informative, organized and passionate. You can tell she really loves what she does. At times, it feels as if she is more invested into the wedding then we are, which is exactly what we needed in a wedding planner. She is experienced in all various traditions and was very tactful in accommodating our parents’ wishes. The list of how great Shing Weddings was for us seems never-ending and we count out blessings that we were fortunate to have Lisa and her team. If you want a hassle-free, great wedding — Shing Weddings is your go-to wedding planner!