First off, just wanted to say how awesome Lisa & her team at Shing Weddings was. When my wife and I first started planning for our wedding, we were quite hesitant on getting a wedding planner. Once we met up with Lisa for our consultation, our minds changed and from there on then, we've never looked back. Lisa has been a blessing for us to be honest. She stayed through the thick and thin to help us with everything for our wedding. There was no wasted time when we were both with her as she made sure all our tasks were completed on time. There were times where the wife had anxiety attacks and Lisa would just step right on in to comfort her and reassure her that everything was going to be fine. Everyone on the team is so detailed oriented and very organized. On the day of our wedding, My wife and I were both worried that something would go south but my wife and I were both amazed about the wonderful job the whole team did. There are no words to describe what a wonderful job the whole team did. You ladies are amazing and thank you again for everything. All of our friends still tell us that it was a memorable night and everything turned out great because your team did a magnificent job. Thanks again Lisa and we lub ya :)