Without Shing Weddings there would have been no wedding. Lisa and her team were amazing from start to finish. We were planning from Toronto so Lisa took care of all the heavy lifting. We relied so much on her expertise and her genuine care towards our vision, stakeholders, and budget. She was knowledgeable about traditional wedding things like the tea ceremony. She coordinated all the meetings to learn of the families’ expectations. Asian brides, we need this type of support! Our wedding day really was flawless and Lisa and her team will always be like the additional wedding party!

I cannot recommend a better wedding planning company.  Lisa and her team went above and beyond what we had expected.  Even with the changes due to COVID-19 she stayed with us, communicated every change, and stuck with us throughout all the difficult changes and decisions.  Lisa is very passionate about her work and I guarantee happiness at your wedding if she and her team is involved.  Thank you Lisa and team for our wedding I know you will make many more others happy!

BEST wedding investment ever!!
Okay – where do we even start with Lisa. SHE IS AMAZING!! We started planning our wedding in 2019 shortly after getting engaged, and we had spoken to a few planners but were unsure about who we wanted to hire. We were then referred to Lisa through a friend, and I think we were sold the moment we sat down to chat with her. She was so bubbly, sweet and hilarious, and also had an undeniable get-sh**-done attitude. During our first meeting with her she already gave us so much information and got us excited about planning our wedding, and we could tell she really loved doing what she does – when we left the meeting, we looked at each other like “Yup – she’s the one!”
Since then, she has been the absolute best. She was always super proactive with the planning – organizing meetings with us, having ongoing communication with our vendors, making sure we stayed on top of our to-do list, giving us recommendations and helping us stay within our budget. Lisa was so meticulous with all the finer details in the planning process, but also great at helping us see the big picture. She was also always very responsive and patient, and made herself available for us whenever we had concerns or questions (I had a lot of questions lol). When the pandemic happened and we had to make decisions about changing or postponing our wedding, Lisa was there to guide us through all of it. She was empathetic and supportive and gave us all the information and advice we needed – and when we decided to postpone it to the next year, she quickly sprung into action, coordinating the postponement with all our vendors and ensuring that we never had to worry about a thing. We are honestly so grateful to have had her through that period – even throughout that next year when the restrictions kept changing and we weren’t sure if we could still have our wedding, she was there to give us options and keep us feeling positive. After two years of waiting and planning, September 5th 2021 finally rolled around – and we can without a doubt say that we had the BEST wedding day EVER thanks to Lisa, Michelle and the Shing Weddings team! They were just incredible from the start of the day to the end, making sure that everything went according to plan and that we were completely stress-free. We felt so at ease and taken care of the entire day – the team made sure we were always comfortable, hydrated, fed and allowed us to really be present and enjoy ourselves. Our morning tea ceremonies, photo sessions, ceremony and reception went by sooo smoothly because of them, and we were actually able to enjoy every moment. If anything ever went wrong that day, you can bet it was taken care of because we never heard about it. It was so cool to watch the Shing Weddings team work, because we finally understood why their previous clients say they’re the best in the business. They anticipated all our needs before we even did, somehow made sure we stayed on schedule without ever feeling rushed, were always so in sync with all the vendors such as our photographer and videographer, and took such great care of our wedding party, families, and guests – everyone loved them!! Our families and wedding party whom they spent the most time with were so impressed by them and only had great things to say, and a few of our friends actually enquired about Shing Weddings’ planning services right after our wedding (one of them hired her right away, and she planned their wedding in 3 weeks!!) We feel so lucky to have had Lisa and her team for one of the most important days of our lives, and we miss her and our planning sessions with her already. She cares so much about her clients and about making the planning experience and wedding day flawless for us, and was the best investment we made throughout the entire wedding journey! We love you Lisa and we wish we could plan our wedding with you all over again!!

Lisa and Michelle are definitely the industry’s number 1! They have been extremely diligent with every single bit of our wedding planning process. With COVID-19, we had to make numerous changes, thank goodness for Lisa and Michelle for keeping us sane and stress free! Lisa and Michelle has shown us professionalism, compassion, and most importantly, so much love. We are extremely blessed to have them as our wedding planner, it could not have turned out more perfectly!

Professional in every single way. I cannot even express in words how happy my wife and I are that we had Lisa and her crew there on our wedding day. From morning to night it was so smooth we had zero stress. Lisa made sure everything and everyone was well aware of the timeline we needed to follow. Lisa was there literally there at 7:30 am until 12:00 am.

Her team member Nancy was also with us from morning to night and was like a ninja out of nowhere. She would notice we were in a bit of stress and she would show up and help out. Just one example is when my wife’s phone wasn’t working correctly. Nancy was able to retrieve the needed information and help my now wife complete her speech. ❤❤

Overall I would 1000% recommend hiring Shing Weddings as your wedding planner. They will make sure the day goes perfect so that you can just enjoy your special day and night. Thank you Lisa and team we love you all much!!!!

Choosing Lisa and her team was the best decision we made when it came to our wedding planning.

Her professionalism and insight in the industry is amazing. She understood exactly what we wanted and kept us on track throughout the whole planning process.

Lisa’s ability to adapt to unexpected situations on the day of the wedding was what truly blew us away. One of the groomsmen tore his suit and Lisa was able to patch it up on the fly. We didn’t even know about it until after the wedding!

Highly recommended.

It’s been almost a week since our wedding and we’re still gushing over how amazing Lisa and her team were. We had the pleasure of working with Lisa on our wedding over a 2 year period because of COVID postponements but Lisa truly is the same bubbly, friendly, professional person you meet at the first meeting, through the whole wedding planning process and up to the wedding day. She is sooo personable which makes the process all the more enjoyable and puts you at ease during what can be a stressful time. We always felt like our wedding was special and like we were a priority to Lisa. I really don’t know how she manages to deliver such amazing service to all her couples but judging from her rave reviews she obviously does! Our wedding day was jam packed with activities starting at 730am which is something I was extremely anxious about but on the day of, the Shing Weddings team wowed us with how smooth things went! We felt so taken care of both physically and emotionally which is something that is truly priceless to us! Both our families and wedding party commented on how great the team was and what a difference they made. Lisa and her team are true gems and were a memorable part of our wedding day!

Having Lisa and the Shing Weddings team was probably the best wedding investment, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Absolutely loved them! The team did a fabulous job with my wedding. Very organized down to the very last detail. I was able to enjoy my wedding and not have to worry about a thing!

There is absolutely nothing bad we can say about Lisa at Shing Weddings. Our planning got so easy the moment we hired Lisa. Her responsiveness and accountability is unparalleled . From start to finish, we could not have asked for a more dedicated visionary working to make everything happen. It was truly a magical and stress free day. We are very sad it’s over! The details to the vision we wanted and the execution of how everything turned out was beyond expectations. Lisa is a gifted wedding planner. Even our families after the event told use how amazing and organized she was. We cannot imagine how a person can be so stress free and kind while planning our wedding let alone multiple weddings throughout the year. Thank you so much Lisa and her team for making our day so beautiful. We love you and are forever grateful. We recommend Shing Weddings without hesitation.


I have no idea where to begin with Lisa and her team at Shing Weddings. I honestly do not believe they charge enough for their services. My wedding was so well planned before and during. Everything started on time and went exactly how it was planned. She helped us find the vendors we wanted, and then after when we agreed on one we liked, she got us better pricing than what I thought it would be

She responded almost instantly to any request we had leading up to the wedding and then during the wedding it felt like I had a personal assistant. Her team were always beside my wife and I watching after us. If I needed a napkin, the box was already in their hands. If I needed water, it was already in a cup waiting for me to grab it from them. At the reception, when I felt tired, coffee was already getting made.

Lisa is a machine, was she running around making sure everything was perfect while pregnant. I was actually getting worried because everyone talked about how stressful it was during the wedding and that my wife and I needed to remember to enjoy the moment. I had NO STRESS at all, thats why I started to get stressed, because I thought to myself, this is way too easy, how can thing be right?

Well it was because I hired this amazing team. Do I recommend them? absolutely, if you didnt hire them, well goodluck youll be stressed!

Michelle somehow helped me nailed down a 2 wedding in 1.5 months !! I was blown away by how professional and organized they were on the day of! They were so helpful with selection of vendors, educating me about the tradition chinese wedding events, making a super detailed schedule etc. Michelle was so patient with me and would initiate calls/zoom calls for updates. Everything was seamless and I will be forever grateful how they made the wedding day completely stress free!

Their service was honestly one of the best investments I made for the wedding !!!!

Big thank you to Michelle + Lisa and their team!!

We will forever share the epic story of how Lisa pulled off a full on DREAM wedding in 1.5 weeks. We were probably one of the most complicated couples she had to work with because we had to postpone our wedding not only once (just 1 week before our original wedding day) but twice due to the pandemic.

The feelings of anxiety, stress and uncertainty always went away after talking to Lisa. She is professional and passionate about her job.

On the day of, as hectic as it was, Lisa and her team made everything smooth as silk. Nancy and Michelle were so kind and helpful.

We are so grateful for Shing Weddings to have made our day so special and memorable.

We hope to see them again at our friends’ weddings!

Where do we even begin?! Working with Lisa and her team at Shing Wedding was one of the best decisions we made. Planning a wedding is hard enough, let alone during a pandemic. Lisa was never stressed (to us, at least) and gave us great advice while we navigated through this unprecedented time. She advised us different ways to save money and get the best bang for our buck. We can tell right way that she was very experienced in the way she answered all of our questions and concerns. We trusted her completely. On the wedding day, we felt so taken care of and didn’t have to worry about a thing! Lisa and her team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the wedding was running smoothly and that we actually had time to enjoy ourselves.

We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to any of our friends and family!

Thank you again Lisa for all your help!

Lisa and her team truly made my wedding the perfect wedding it ended up being. She was helping plan our wedding from about 2 years from the actual date and helped my wife and I get through each step of the planning process. She has an amazing attention to detail that I could never have. You know she is an amazing wedding planner when you aren’t worried about anything on the actual wedding day. Her team were also great with anything we needed on the actual wedding day. I highly recommend Shing Weddings for your upcoming wedding.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shing Weddings. Both Michelle and Lisa are extremely professional, very experienced, and so good to work with. If you’re planning a wedding, Shing Weddings are the people to use, hands down!

Lisa and Michelle were total rockstars when it came to planning my wedding event.

Even though I eventually had to cancel my wedding due to COVID, they did an amazing job communicating, coordinating, and arranging everything I needed in an extremely organized, informative, and concise manner. They sourced amazing vendors according to our tastes and budget and have great connections in the city. They were super fast in their communications, and I NEVER had a moment of stress; in fact, they were always 2 steps ahead and would relieve any “what if” thought that came to mind before I even said anything to them. Even when I had to cancel, they handled everything speedily and gracefully, leaving no stone unturned.

Since I’m based in both Toronto and Vancouver, I had 2 wedding events to plan – and let me just say, the planner I went with in Ontario paled in comparison to the service and attention that Shing Weddings gave me. I went with a Partial Services plan but I honestly felt so pampered by them that it even felt like a Full Service plan compared to the attention I got from another planner. You will be in GREAT HANDS with Shing Weddings!

The best choice that I made was hiring Shing Weddings. My now husband and I hired Lisa before the pandemic started and throughout the pandemic, Lisa organised multiple calls updating the two of us on current restrictions and gave us her recommendations on what we should do. She was so flexible regarding our ever changing plans and I could feel that she genuinely cares about all her couples. She provided an incredible amount of reassurance that our wedding was going to be beautiful regardless of the uncertainty.

During the day of the ceremony, all I needed to do was enjoy the day. Lisa, Michelle and Nancy were incredible in making sure the ceremony was a smooth operation. This included holding up the crowd when some guests arrived too early and placing them in their appropriate pods during the ceremony. They effectively directed the “peanut gallery” so that we were able to not only perform the private personal vows that we wanted to do but also flawlessly execute the pictures we wanted to take with our family and friends. Their attention to detail was impeccable. It’s so funny that on top of getting married during a pandemic, we also got married during a historic heatwave! However, I was so well taken care of. Nancy was with me the entire time, running to provide me water, holding my bouquet, fluffing my dress for photos and making sure I was feeling ok and comfortable.

I cannot recommend Shing Weddings enough. They are professional, caring, detail-oriented and from one bride to another, you will be so thankful that their team was with you on your special day!

We hired Lisa and Michelle prior to the pandemic and were impressed with their organization, responsiveness and personable approaching to planning our wedding. Once the pandemic hit, they immediately provided alternatives and were on top of the latest restrictions to help us make an informed decision to postpone our wedding ceremony from 2020 to 2021. With the ever changing environment, Lisa and Michelle helped us navigate through multiple changes to our plans. Their passion, attention to detail, and professionalism showed throughout. They are just amazing at what they do and we wholeheartedly recommend them!!

The best team there is. All of our friends have used Shing Weddings when they got married and we were thrilled to have them work on ours. We had best experience. They were so patient, kind, understanding and flexible.

Planning a wedding during the pandemic was not at all easy. We’ve changed our wedding 4 different times to accommodate different dates and restrictions and they were so great each time with making sure whatever we wanted came to life.

With the newest health order update we had 5 days to put together a brand new wedding and they did it seamlessly. We cannot thank these ladies enough for all their hard work.

We are forever grateful<3 Thank you ladies.

I don’t even know where to begin. Lisa is just amazing and there is no one like her.

Before starting this review, I went and read some of the experiences that other couples have had and I can confirm that every positive thing mentioned about Lisa and her team is absolutely true.

If you thought planning a wedding was a lot of work, planning one during a pandemic just added additional layers of complexity. However, with Lisa there by our side, we knew we were in such good hands. Due to the pandemic, we changed plans at LEAST a few times and it never felt stressful. Lisa coordinated with all the vendors every time there was a change in date and it was seamless for us. She will makes you feel calm and we had this feeling that we know that whatever we chose, Lisa would make it work.

She stuck with us through the entire process, she comforted us when we needed it and was always available to answer our questions and concerns (even on the day she gave birth!!).

She was our engine that kept us going even when there were times where it seemed like nothing was going right. She was able to provide suggestions anytime we needed it and always found a way to get what we wanted.

Honestly, if you want to take stress out of your wedding, you have to go with Lisa and her team at Shing Weddings.

The wedding was executed without a hiccup. Lisa and Michelle were so well coordinated on the wedding day and even our parents fell in love with them.

She will ask you about the smallest details that you would not even think about (such as telling your dad not to wear white socks on the wedding day!).

I can just go on and on about Lisa and her team. There is not a single thing I could ask her to work on and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Lisa and Shing Weddings to any couple that want their wedding perfected.

We hired Lisa one year before our wedding date and it was the best decision we’ve made in terms of hiring. From the get go, she is like the friend you never had, but was missing from your life! She’s so funny, personable, and knowledgeable. She’s always a text or email away with any questions you have. When COVID hit and restrictions were coming in place, she navigated the changes seamlessly and was up to date with the changing guidelines. She helped immensely with changing and updating all my vendors on what I needed. I am not a very creative person, but still wanted my say in decor and vision. She made it happen, with only a little idea of what I had in mind. She lets you know her suggestions of what looks good and I greatly appreciated all feedback she had. She made my wedding dreams come true!! On the day of, Michelle and Lisa were fantastic. They ran the show easily and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. My wedding arch fell over before the ceremony, and did I panic or worry? NOPE, because I had no idea it even happened until the night was over! Lisa and Michelle will GET THINGS DONE. Even my parents were gushing over how lovely the two were and how much fun it was to chat with the two ladies. Truly one of a kind. Thank you Lisa and Michelle <3

If you’re planning to get married, just hire Lisa and Michelle at Shing Weddings before you do anything else. Every detail to my wedding was carefully planned and executed above my expectations.

Our wedding had to get changed so many times due to COVID restrictions and we finally got married this past weekend. Michelle walked us through every step of the way and made it worry free. That’s definitely a hard thing to say from someone who is a thinker/constant worrier.

They helped me with the tea ceremony and gave me all their expertise on the Chinese customs to follow. This was extremely helpful because our families had zero clue how to do any of it. All of their recommendations for vendors were a PERFECT fit. They were exactly what I wanted. Also, if you’re into this stuff like I am, they provide a detailed colour coded timeline for your event. So well organized that you don’t need to waste time figuring this stuff out on your own.

These are two people you need to have on your team. They’ll save you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress. I’m so lucky to have had them plan/coordinate my wedding. Thank you again for making it such a magical day for myself, my husband, and our families.

I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Shing Weddings on many events over the years. I jump at every opportunity to work with Lisa and her team! As a vendor, it is paramount to have a planner at the helm who can coordinate multiple tasks at once. Lisa not only does this flawlessly, her cheerful, friendly demeanour creates such a great atmosphere for all involved. Her reviews go without say, and it’s no surprise to us that every wedding of hers is such a success! What Lisa offers her clients farrrr outweigh her value. She is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of her to ensure her clients have a seamless and stress-free experience. Simply put, if you are looking for someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make the most important day of your lives a shining spectacle as well as forever memorable, I HIGHLY recommend Shing Weddings to all. Wishing Lisa and her team all the best for many, many more years to come!!

Thank you to Lisa, Michelle and their team for making my wedding planning and day of 100% stress-free. They were always available for questions leading up to the wedding and always went beyond our expectations to ensure my husband and I had the wedding we envisioned. They always had an answer for every request we had and followed through to make sure it happened. We appreciate Lisa, Michelle and everyone who helped out on our wedding day. Even if you weren’t planning on hiring a planner, you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve worked with the team!

After a lot of lengthy discussions, my husband and I made the final decision to move our wedding date forward and elope on our 9th year anniversary. We had originally been planning a June 2021 wedding; however, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the growing amount of cases in BC, the future became more and more unpredictable for the both of us. Rather than wait to see what the future had in store for us (and potentially place deposits we may lose), we decided to elope with our immediate family in secret. We literally had less than 2 months to quickly get everything we needed to pull this off and we honestly could not have done it without Michelle and Lisa! It started off as a suggested Instagram page based on who we were currently following.

It never takes long at all for either Michelle or Lisa to contact us back. They are so detailed, so knowledgeable, and so organized. They answered all of our questions fully and left no room for any feelings of uncertainty. Although they offered a curated package with photography, videography, hair and makeup, arrangements and decor, florals, and even cake options to choose from, they were so accommodating with us as we already had a team in mind for a majority of the services they offered. They communicated so well with us throughout the entire planning process and were completely transparent with us in all of it.

On our big day, Michelle and Lisa came and left with us with a lasting impression of them. They were so detailed, so efficient, so organized, and so quick that by the time either of us had time to process what was happening, our rooms were already staged and ready for our photographer and videographer who hadn’t yet arrived! It all happened in a blink of an eye. We were honestly in so much awe of Michelle and Lisa. With them there, there was not a single moment where my husband and I worried about anything except for ourselves. The thought of our families knowing where to go, where to sit, what to do, etc. never crossed our mind once because we knew that Michelle and Lisa had it all handled. Our ceremonies were perfect. Even our family photos were coordinated so well that we had extra time for additional groupings for photos. We were never behind or stressed about time and that wouldn’t have been possible without Michelle and Lisa. Their attention to detail and their efficiency are completely unmatched. They both genuinely care so much about their couples and that really translates in everything that they did for us.

Thank you, Michelle and Lisa, for everything that you both did for Deion and I. We are honestly so blessed to have crossed paths with you both when we did and we couldn’t be happier with the choice we made in hiring you both!

I reached out to hoping to organize a micro-wedding within 1 month. With the many stressors of planning a wedding especially during a pandemic, Lisa and her colleague Michelle did an awesome job at making my wedding happen on such short notice especially with the ever changing rules due to Covid19 protocols. I was amazed at how the wedding turned out and they were able to plan a dream wedding for myself and my husband. Their attention to detail and hard work was very apparent and they ensured that I was comfortable throughout the whole day so I did not have to worry about anything at all. My husband and I are so grateful for the amazing job that they did to create the wedding that we were envisioning. Hands down, we do not regret hiring them to plan our wedding.

Shing weddings was recommended to us a by a friend. We set up an appointment with Lisa to meet and from the moment we met her, we knew we wanted her to be our wedding coordinator. Lisa went above and beyond our expectations and with all the changes due to covid-19 we would have never been able to do this without Lisa’s help. Lisa assisted with all communications with our vendors and gave us recommendations to help us stay within our budget. She was very quick to respond and helped with any questions we had. She planned many zoom meetings to keep us on track with things we still had to purchase for the wedding and making sure we don’t fall behind with our wedding planning.

Lisa is very detail oriented, she created different schedules for each of our vendors, parents, wedding party and of course for ourselves to keep us organized and on time. With Covid-19, a lot of things had to change and Lisa really helped us still have our dream wedding as well as following the Covid-19 rules and restrictions.

On our wedding rehearsal day, Lisa went over many things in detail which made our actual wedding day go flawlessly. She created a list of items to bring for the rehearsal day and she took them from us so we have a few less things to worry about during the wedding. She also collected the money for all the vendors from us so that we wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to pay someone on the day of the wedding which was a HUGE help.

On our actual wedding day, Lisa had Nancy and Michelle help out as well. Lisa and her team set up and took down our entire wedding for us. I (the bride) always had at least one person with me to help me fix my hair, hold my bouquet, fix my dress, and help with anything I needed. There was one person who also assisted the vendors (helping them set up, making sure they were following the schedule). Our families even mentioned it was great it was to have Lisa and her team helping out with there needs as well too. One extra bonus is that Lisa can speak Chinese and she knew all of the Chinese traditions which really helped out with our families.

I can not say enough good things about Shing Wedding and would 100% recommend her to anyone who is planning a wedding.

What can I say about Shing Weddings that hasn’t already been said? Lisa and her team are incredible. We had witnessed Lisa in action prior at several weddings, so, when it was time to plan our own, there was no doubt we wanted Lisa.

From the initial meeting, Lisa provided us with tons of information, even things my husband didn’t realize were important for a wedding. She is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about all things wedding related. She is extremely organized and detail oriented, noticing little things that most people would not think of. We knew she was definitely the right choice when meeting with vendors and they would say “we’re so relieved” when told Lisa was our planner.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Lisa and her team were on top of it, having already been in talks with vendors at least the week prior, so that any postponement or cancellation was seamless. She kept us updated regarding new laws and policies put in the place by the government, so that we could make the decision to postpone our reception. Lisa has so many ideas, from simple centrepieces to the most elaborate (and over the top) decor, so there’s something for everyone.

Our ceremony was absolutely wonderful and, despite a few hiccups, Lisa and her team handled it flawlessly. Michelle and Nancy were there with us on the day of and were the sweetest people. The entire team is so energetic and it is very transparent that they love what they do. The ceremony followed Covid-19 safety protocols and our guests were impressed with the team’s efforts.

I cannot praise Shing Weddings enough and I would absolutely recommend them! If you are on the fence, fill out the Contact information and get in touch with this team before they are booked up! We can’t wait to see them again for our reception next year!

Lisa and Michelle are absolutely amazing!! Hiring Shing weddings is the best choice we made for our wedding. From choosing vendors to deciding details of the wedding day, Lisa helped us in every way to make the planning process as stress-free as possible. With covid restrictions, we are very anxious because our wedding ceremony venue is uncertain whether it will be open by our wedding date. Lisa is super proactive and provided us a list of other similar venues that are open during covid. With Lisa’s help, we are able to move seamlessly from one venue to another.

Lisa also gave us lots of helpful suggestions for our wedding venue decoration. Our wedding theme is Disney. Lisa is able to turn my random Disney ideas into realistic decor and execute them beyond my expectations. She always checks to make sure this is what I want while making sure everything still fits the wedding theme. Every single detail is just perfect!

We will definitely recommend Lisa and the shing wedding team to anyone who needs a wedding planner! They are the best!

Lisa is incredibly detail oriented, super organized and very professional. We were so happy with the service she provided us and very glad that we hired her to help us plan our big day. She is so passionate about her work and she truly goes above and beyond for her clients!

Michelle is definitely worth the price! She legit did EVERYTHING. I was stress free the whole time planning the wedding both during pre-Covid and during Covid. I provided ideas and she executed them beyond my expectations. Michelle was quick to adapt to changes since I had to change my reception venue and guest count due to Covid restrictions. She contacted the vendors and ensure they were still available for the wedding. The whole day went by smoothly and all my friends and family kept saying how beautiful the wedding was even though we had to follow Covid protocols. Michelle always made sure I was happy and was always transparent if there were any changes. 110% would refer Michelle to everyone and anyone.

Lisa and her team are unparalleled in every category. 8 years ago, she coordinated my eldest daughter’s wedding. 7 years ago, she coordinated my middle daughter’s wedding. 6 years ago she coordinated my youngest daughter’s wedding. 2 days ago, she coordinated my wedding.

Lisa coordinated every detail – pre-, during, and post-wedding. She liaised with the vendors, reviewed the contracts, and sent helpful checklists. On my wedding day, she and her team ensured that everything was coordinated and went according to schedule. During the ceremony, she got us all lined up and made sure I got my “grand entrance”. During the reception, she made sure everyone knew when they had to speak and everything flowed smoothly. After the event, she packed up all my supplies and put it one location, making it easy to load the next day.

At one point in the day, I lost my wedding band. Panic ensued but guess what? Lisa had a “spare ring”, just in case! Amazing, I found the band and the rings were switched back in time for the ceremony.

I can’t thank Lisa, Michelle and her team enough for their thoughtful, calming, skillful, and expert coordination. It made my day stress free. No one should get married without a wedding coordinator and everyone should use Shing Weddings. I cannot possibly express how truly good they are. Thank you Lisa!

Thank you Lisa & Shing Weddings team!

Where do I even begin? Our experience with Shing Weddings was incredible! We are so lucky we were able to work with Lisa for our wedding! Lisa made us feel so comfortable and calm throughout the whole process and she was on top of everything throughout the entire planning. Her attention to detail, her passion and her professionalism sets her apart from any other wedding planner. She was able to speak fluent Cantonese which was really helpful in her being able to connect with our families and understanding our traditions. She went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and she took care of all the big and little details so we could enjoy our wedding. Lisa listened to exactly what we wanted and took it to the next level by making everything more spectacular than we could ever have imagined, she brought our vision to life. Her insight, her expertise and her dedication to her clients is what makes her so special and truly amazing. Lisa, from the bottom of our hearts, we deeply appreciate you and the Shing Weddings team for everything that you did.



To say that we are extremely impressed with Lisa and her team is an understatement. Shing Weddings pulled all the stops to ensure that our wedding was a memorable one. When my groomsman found out Lisa was our wedding planner, he said she was also his wedding planner and that we made the right choice — this was evident early on. However, it was on our wedding day that her excellence really shined. The Shing Weddings team choreographed our day down to the tee; kept us on time and on track; made sure our pictures looked great; ensured all the decorations was set up according to plan; and took care of all the cleanup and aftermath. She took care of all the small details so that we can bask in the moment of our special day. She is friendly, informative, organized and passionate. You can tell she really loves what she does. At times, it feels as if she is more invested into the wedding then we are, which is exactly what we needed in a wedding planner. She is experienced in all various traditions and was very tactful in accommodating our parents’ wishes. The list of how great Shing Weddings was for us seems never-ending and we count out blessings that we were fortunate to have Lisa and her team. If you want a hassle-free, great wedding — Shing Weddings is your go-to wedding planner!


We had a wonderful wedding party!!!!♡  We are thankful to Lisa!

You have outdone yourself again. Thank you for going above and beyond for us. We hope we (mostly) I weren’t too high maintenance.

To our dearest Lisa! Thank you!! Where do we even start? Being wedding photographers ourselves, we were an extremely picky couple, and we have been around weddings for over 10 years, so we had extra high standards. BUT. Lisa and her team EXCEEDED our standards and amazed us with her professionalism, passion, and a natural planner mind. We were impressed by her excel sheets, lightning response speed, and ability to handle emergencies — you have to work with Shing Weddings to witness the indescribable.

We experienced Shing Wedding’s planning ability first-hand a few years ago at our good friend’s wedding. Being on the bridal party, we saw every little detail from a different perspective. We saw how Lisa works and immediately knew we had to have her. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made throughout these 2 years of the wedding planning process. We could not thank Lisa and her team enough for keeping us sane so that we could have the creative freedom to design an unconventional vision. We ended up having a 13hrs schedule starting from 5 am including 12 dress changes, 3 bridal party outfit changes, BBT tea ceremony, skateboard entrance, 10 minutes choreographed first dance, taking our own wedding photos and so much more little thing that would’ve driven the husband nuts. Lisa made them all happen!

Throughout the process, Lisa continuously checked upon us, giving us homework & updates, following up with to-do items, and checking them off for us. We were in the midst of the wedding season before our own wedding in October, and Lisa strategically pushed us to progress! The last month was Lisa and us on a battlefield, but Lisa was more so on the front end kind of vibe — she made sure our decisions were solidified, things are getting delivered to the right place, and that everyone knows what’s going on. It’s unbelievable how she handles everything.

On the day of, Lisa was the director that everyone reported to, and she took care of all the communication on our behalf. Her team stood by our side in the most professional yet heart-warming way. Being in the industry we know how chaotic a wedding could be, and our wedding was surely more than chaotic — we are so so thankful to have Lisa made the day as smooth and memorable as it can be.

The wedding dream team. Having Lisa and her team with us on our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made while planning our special day. It was such a wonderful experience working with Lisa and we could not have had the wedding of our dreams without her support, eye for detail, and years of wedding planning experience.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming but Lisa made it such an easy & enjoyable process that everything leading up to the day of the wedding was a breeze. She was always great at communicating with us and our vendors to make sure we were on top of our tasks and wedding deadlines. This was tremendously helpful!

On top of all the planning Lisa probably brought us the most important thing to our wedding day, and that was time. Her tremendous work, detailed execution and endless help gave us time to enjoy every moment with our wedding party, family and friends.

From early in the morning to late at night, Lisa and her team stayed with us to make sure everything was prepared, packed, decorated and ready to go. Lisa is so organized, prompt, and precise that nothing gets missed.

She’s caring, approachable and always going above and beyond for her clients. From the very first day of planning with Lisa we could tell immediately that she is very passionate about her work and has a very big heart. Thus, her love for weddings and care for others shows greatly in everything she does. She will deliver nothing but the best. Not to mention she brings a lot of fun and excitement to the party! She is so awesome to work with and we must emphasize again that she knows how to plan an AMAZING PARTY!

Words cannot express how thankful we are for all the work Lisa and her team did for us on our wedding day. It would not have been the same without you guys!


Lisa! You are amazing! We cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us these couple of months leading up to our wedding. It was perfect in every way and we couldn’t have done it without you and your fabulous team. Thank you for taking care of us and all of our family and friends. Our wedding will forever be in our hearts.

Life savers! If you’ve been on the fence about getting a wedding coordinator, DO IT!! I brought Shing Weddings on the week before my wedding, and Michelle jumped on our planning like a dog on a bone! She was e-mailing me back within 10 minutes and had a revised timeline out to my vendors within days. I couldn’t event imagine on the day of having to deal with some of the things that she was doing, and so glad I didn’t ask one of our family or friends to help us coordinate on the day of so that they could enjoy our day. We had so many compliments about how smoothly things ran and it wouldn’t have been possible without Michelle, Alex, and Ino! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Lisa is my Wedding Dream come true ! I cannot have been more impressed with Lisa and her team. Compliments all around from my family and guests at the wedding. From day 1 (365 days before my wedding) Lisa was accountable, organized and always SO enthusiastic. Having lived half way across the country from Vancouver, I really needed a planner that had the connections and knowledge to help me select vendors and materialize my vision for me. She set up periodic phone calls with me to stay connected and on track, she scheduled meetings with me and vendors whenever I was in town and NEVER complained about my crazy ideas (from card board cut outs to face pillows and puppy ring bearer). What I most appreciated was how attentive she is and how she pays attention to what we cared about the most. I can tell she really loves her job. It was the best decision to hire her so trust me, you future brides and grooms will have NOTHING to worry about with Lisa and her team by your side. LISA FOR PRESIDENT!

Best Wedding Planner. There are a lot of wedding planners out there but there’s only just the one Shing Wedding. We had the absolute pleasure of working with Lisa in planning for our wedding. It was a massive challenge from the start as we had to plan for the wedding in Vancouver while living on the opposite coastline. We really needed someone local and who knew and understood the wedding industry inside out, and Lisa did not disappoint. Whenever we dropped the ball (and it happened often), Lisa was always there to pick it right back up.

We loved the energy and enthusiasm from Lisa throughout the whole planning process and up till the wedding day itself. Her whole team was also very professional and incredibly helpful in making our wedding day happen. We highly recommend Shing Wedding!

Best Planner Ever. When Lisa commits to helping you with your wedding, she gives you everything she has to ensure your wedding is perfect, and you will get to enjoy it. She is organized, responsible and selfless. You can rely on her to get you through the planning process all the way to your Big Day.

I hired Lisa about six months before our wedding, as I became overwhelmed with the workload. As my project manager and consultant, she released me from the fear that I might miss something as well as guided us towards decisions that were hard to make. If there is a detail that you are unfamiliar with, and in our case, it is music and whether to have a DJ, it’s hard to make a decision on it. For months, the issue dragged on and added to our anxiety. As consultant, Lisa is that quick, go-to person to offer you insights with which you can make decisions. Her advice is priceless.

On wedding day, Lisa brought her team, Michelle and Alex with her. Michelle acted as my personal assistant and made me feel like a princess. I literally did not have to lift a finger to do anything, but to enjoy the day. One of our elderly guests had an accident during the evening, and Alex arranged to send her to the hospital. It was so seamlessly done that I only knew of the incident after the night was over.

I feel very lucky to have Lisa as my wedding planner. Her rates are a bargain when you discover the quality and level of her service.

If you are planning a wedding, include a budget for a planner. If you’re looking for a planner, do yourself a favour and contact Lisa. You will thank yourself for that.


My dear Michelle,

When Lisa told us she would have 2 assistants with her on our wedding day, we didn’t think much of it. We had underestimated how absolutely important you and Alex were on that day.

You were with me during the whole time I was at Cecil Green, and you helped me get through the most difficult time that day. By the time the wedding ceremony was over, I was exhausted having been up since 8am that morning. While everyone was enjoying themselves at reception. Scott and I had to continue with our photographer for our couples shots. It was the most trying time for me. My bouquet weighed a ton and my feet hurt. You were the one who gave me water, helped me with the flowers and my dress. I could not have got through that without you. You have our deepest gratitude.

Thank you for doing all you did for our wedding, so many issues were solved before they were known.

Wedding Planner of my Dreams!! As soon as I got engaged to the man of my dreams I KNEW I needed to also have Lisa, the wedding planner of my dreams! I had been lucky enough to meet her and some of her team through mutual friends, and more closely while I was in my best friends wedding(also by Lisa). Lisa is so supportive, fun, encouraging, organized, relaxed, funny, etc. etc.

Lisa helped me to stay on track in the days leading up to the big day, recommended and organized vendors, made up charts, answered a million of my questions coordinated with my venue and so much more! The day of the wedding Lisa and her Team were professional, friendly, and extremely helpful, on top of that, a joy to be around. I can not describe what a relief it was just to know that Lisa and her Team had everything under control, my whole family and myself and now husband, were able to relax and soak up every moment of the day. I would do it all over again, thank you so much!!

Please let me know Lisa if you are available to plan the rest of my life as well! LOL.

We couldn’t have done it without Shing Weddings. Michelle and her team was on site on our wedding day and she had everything under control, with no major delays. Prior to the wedding, both Lisa and Michelle met with us several times to make sure everything leading up to the big day was on track. Absolutely no regrets hiring Shing Weddings, I highly recommend!

Couldn’t have done it without Lisa and team! Let’s start off by saying all the 5 star reviews you read about Lisa and her team are absolutely 100% true! We hired Shing Weddings purely on reviews and word of mouth from friends. We did the full planning package and we couldn’t be happier. Lisa is super friendly and easy to work with. Wedding planning is just… stressful… and she made it organized and as enjoyable as it can be by handling almost everything. Lisa did an amazing job making our wedding very “us”. Throughout the planning months, she provided advice, ideas and vendors based on what would be most suitable for us. She worked really hard to understand our vision and budget, and delivered the best wedding experience possible.

Lisa faced a bit of a challenge with my family at the beginning, who were very skeptical about us hiring a wedding planner. After the wedding was over, the toughest critics in our family applauded her for a job well done and recognized that Lisa helped us tremendously on the wedding day and that we couldn’t have done it without her and her team. Now that says a lot! There were so many added touches that she and her team did on the wedding day that didn’t go unnoticed.

Big thanks to Lisa, Michelle and Mandy for making our wedding day perfect aka stress free. We got to enjoy every minute of the day, soaked in all the love and excitement that weddings are supposed to be all about. We highly recommend hiring Lisa and Shing Weddings for your full wedding planning experience!

My easiest wedding decision was hiring Lisa. Having seen Lisa work firsthand, I already knew about how professional and detailed of a planner that Lisa is. Lisa always kept us on top of our schedule and on budget. It was so easy to make all our decisions during this process because Lisa sat with us and asked us great questions about what our vision for the wedding was, and she offered great insight into different vendors who would be great for us. Every time we would come up with another crazy idea, she worked her magic to make everything work out perfectly.

We’re so glad that we had Lisa and her team with us throughout the process and the wedding day. It provided us with peace of mind to actually enjoy our day.

Lisa is absolutely amazing! Lisa is absolutely amazing!! We can’t thank her enough for what she has done! Initially we were not sure if hiring a wedding planner is a good idea to begin with, but trust me, having Lisa as our wedding planner made our wedding into a completely different game. She made our wedding felt like a giant birthday party that we both were looking forward to instead of being stressed about. And most importantly, we both got to enjoyed the wedding a lot as we knew we could trust her on getting all the hard work behind the scene done. From the very start to finish, she was on top of every single little details, booking, setup, execution. Nothing was falling behind. The entire process was stress-less, all we had to do was to dress up and show up to the venue on the day of. I can’t imaging how our wedding would have turned out without Lisa.

K & D
Best in the business! We can’t say enough good things about Lisa. We were lucky enough to book the full package with Lisa and her team, and we quickly found out why she is the best in the business! She is a professional and you quickly realize that she will pour her heart and soul into making your wedding everything you dreamed of and more.

Lisa has contacts with everyone in the wedding industry and helped us find the best vendors to make our wedding happen. She pays close attention to every detail to ensure that your wedding day is flawless. Lisa anticipates any problems long before they happen, and will be the best choice you make for your wedding. You will feel very relaxed and confident that your wedding will be everything you envisioned, and you can just enjoy your wedding day carefree. If you haven’t booked Lisa by now, do so right away! Best decision we made during the entire wedding process!


Thank you so much for making our magical day come true. It was everything we wished for and more! We could not have done any of it without your help. Your attention to detail, professionalism and creativity have always been appreciated. You were the best choice we made!

Our main planner was Michelle, if we were to describe her services with one word, it would be PROACTIVE. Every detail, big or small, she was on top of it – constantly reminding us and keeping us organized. Which would be the next word that we would use to describe Michelle – ORGANIZED. Not to give away trade secrets, but she had separate colour coordinated spreadsheets for everyone who played a role in the wedding (wedding party to vendors). To be honest, we were a little reluctant with the price tag Shing Weddings came with. Even throughout the process, we had “buyers remorse”. But came the day of our wedding, we both knew it was money well spent. Michelle and her team really made sure that we were fed and hydrated throughout the day; especially in taking care of the bride so the bridesmaid could enjoy the day! There were a total of 5 team members at our ceremony / reception to ensure everything ran smoothly. Our wedding was a huge, fun party and a lot of credit was because of Michelle’s proactive, meticulous planning and her teams execution. Thank you Michelle!

We’re not sure what else we can say about Lisa that hasn’t been said already by previous couples! Lisa was part of our entire wedding planning journey and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! She was organized, detailed-oriented, professional, and, most importantly, made the wedding planning process effortless! Besides her contagious enthusiasm and fun personality, Lisa was also very hardworking and had great recommendations to ensure the best vendors were booked. When it came to the day of the wedding, everything turned out even better than we had imagined! Lisa and her team were dependable, efficient, and went above and beyond for us! We were so amazed at how smooth the day went. With the support of Shing Weddings, we were able to fully enjoy our wedding and spend time with our guests. Thank you Lisa, Mandy, and Michelle! We highly recommend Lisa and Shing Weddings!

Mic drop. Michelle is too awesome for words… We hired on Shing Weddings as our day of coordinator after witnessing their amazing team work at our friend’s wedding the year before. We expected a great job from them, but Michelle went above and beyond! Not only did she organize our chaotic and hectic schedule for the wedding, but she made everything seem easy and effortless. Michelle was also quick to respond and always willing to patiently walk us through any difficulties we had with vendors, scheduling, or etc. I had a surprise planned for my husband involving lion dancers and Michelle managed to arrange everything with the hotel, dancer, etc. keeping it a under wraps from everyone. We managed to pull off the perfect surprise for all the guests and my husband who were all shocked at the dancers suddenly appearing. Also, let’s not forget her team who were amazing at supporting us throughout the day! We were able to have a stress-free and wonderful wedding day thanks to Michelle and her team! Mic drop.


Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your awesome arrangements and attention to detail! We couldn’t have organized everything in time without your help! And also thanks to your amazing team as well for their hard work. With love.

Vancouver is pretty small and also have a lot of competitive industries out there but if you want your dream wedding to become reality, stop searching, cause Shing Weddings is the only place you should look. I remember that people kept continuously namedropping this wedding planner/team and saying how amazing they were; so when I first met Lisa as the planner for my sister’s wedding, I had A LOT of expectations! From the initial meeting to the actual event, I was so impressed with her planning, her organization, her team – basically the whole execution, that I was 101% positive that if I were to ever get married, Shing Weddings would have to be a part of it. And sure enough, when the time came, I was so relieved to have been able to secure Lisa and her team for my big day.

Being “slightly” type A, I really wanted everything to be perfect, even down to the smallest details – but if you have Lisa and her team, you can literally kick back and chill. Lisa and her team always had a positive attitude even when they’re dealing with all sorts of vendors to family and friends. Shing Weddings is your best friend – the one to hold your hand through decision making, walk you through uncertainty, celebrate the big moments, and hold your hair when you’re drunk. They also put up with you even when you start to go a little crazy. Amazing team, amazing work, amazing company!

Michelle saves the day. Last year we reached out to Lisa for help on our wedding, but she was booked already for that date. She strongly recommended their planner Michelle. At first I had my reservation as I had seen the professionalism and impeccable execution that Lisa provided at several other weddings I attended. Upon working with Michelle I am ecstatic to say that the entire process was delightful with Michelle by our side. Michelle was supportive throughout the process and readily available in providing the suitable amount of feedback and options. She removed the feeling of being overwhelmed as a couple that did not have much time or help with wedding planning.

The wedding day went incredibly smoothly. Michelle and the team (Nancy & Desmond) was always by our side and making sure we were taken care of. I am so glad Lisa recommended Michelle to us!


As a couple with limited time to plan our wedding we needed all the help we could get. Michelle was incredibly supportive since the day we booked with her. She provide the appropriate amount of recommendations and advice to remove the anxiety that comes with planning the most important day of our lives. On the day of the wedding she was very professional in coordinating us and the guests. The day went by very smoothly! For a wedding held on top of a mountain and with 50% of the guests being out of town we thought there was something that will definitely go wrong. Miraculously, we started exactly on time for all the activities. I cannot thank Michelle and her team (Nancy & Desmond) enough! Without them our family and us would not have enjoyed the wedding as much as we did!

I don’t know where to begin, but Lisa and her team are simply awesome. I first heard of Shing Weddings through my brother in law as they had used them for their wedding. Having attended that wedding, I was amazed with how smoothly the whole wedding went and was executed in its entirely.

We were quite stressed out for our own wedding, but after we got Lisa on board, everything honestly went by like a breeze. From contacting our vendors and organizing our schedule for the day of the wedding, it was a huge stress reliever for us. Lisa also genuinely cares about our vendors and us, ensuring that our input/vision is being executed. Shing Weddings made our wedding the best wedding ever and we can’t thank them enough!

Hire Shing Weddings and you will be on the right track!

Life savers! I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a month of/day of planner to keep you sane and keep the day running smoothly, and Shing Weddings exceeded expectations! Michelle was our main point of contact, and she was always calm and collected, and she was always there for me (crazy bride). She was always super organized leading up to the wedding, created a detailed schedule, and kept everyone from the wedding party to vendors on the same page. Especially on the big day, Michelle made us and our families feel at ease and on schedule. There wasn’t a moment where Michelle and her team weren’t positive and helpful. Their team basically takes away your worries and irons out blips to allow you to fully enjoy your special day. Highly recommended!

Lisa is amazing! Lisa and her team made our wedding day beyond perfect. We had a year and a half engagement and she was there by our side every step of the way in regards to planning, coordinating, and executing. We were fortunate enough that we didn’t experience any stress throughout the whole process and we were able to just enjoy our big day. Things were so easy with Lisa including planning everything down to every fine detail. It felt like we were working with one of our close friends rather than a wedding planner. Even weeks after our wedding, our family and friends still tell us how much they loved it and how Lisa and her team were so great in making things run so smoothly on the day of our wedding. All the set up for our ceremony and reception was completed before we even got to the venue. Also, at the end of the ceremony and reception, Lisa and her team cleaned up all the decorations and packed all the things we needed to take home for us. Even if certain things didn’t go according to plan, Lisa and her team found a way to make it work and we didn’t even find out about it until after our wedding was over. She is as detail oriented as they come, she is always on the ball, and she works well with absolutely everyone including the other vendors. If you want the planning process and your big day to be fantastically planned and stress free, we would highly recommend Lisa and her team at Shing Weddings.

Lisa was like a part of our family on our special day! From start to finish, Lisa executed all of her duties perfectly and made our wedding the most enjoyable and fun time of our lives. She responded to all our emails and made all our special requests come true. Her energy is lively and positive, it felt like she was a part of the family. Our friends and family all loved her! If we had to redo our wedding, 100% no doubt we’d hire Lisa! Lisa’s team were also amazing with their service. They made sure I was calm and hydrated thru out our busy day. Lisa even made a special princess design on a high chair for our 10 month daughter! And by the end of the night, Lisa was the last person to leave the venue. Making sure everyone got a cab to go home safely.

Lisa and her team did a lot behind the scene work, without their hard work our wedding would’ve been hectic. Shout out to Michelle for keeping the bride calm and cool all day and Alex for cutting up all the oranges and limes for our insanely amount of tequila haha

You only get married once and your special day should be stress free. Shing Weddings made it all happen. Thank you Lisa and her team for all the hard work you put into our wedding!!!

We Love Lisa! If we had to do it all over again, we’d hire Lisa again in a heartbeat. All we want was to absorb everything and enjoy our wedding day without having to worry about anything that could go wrong. We got that. We had our dream wedding and had a blast. Lisa met with us multiple times through our planning process and made sure she knew exactly what we envisioned for our wedding day. Lisa also provided invaluable ideas and inputs on everything, including, but not limited to, décor, food, timelines, MC notes and games. She went above and beyond of what we asked of her. On our wedding day, everything seemed flawless. Our family and friends had a great time and so did we. Lisa and her team were on point. If you want a no fuss, no hassle, no worry and no stress wedding day, we’d suggest you hire Lisa. She is awesome. Thank you, Lisa!

I want to keep her forever. We hired Lisa as our day of coordinator. She was suggested to us by our wedding photographer (Denise Lin , so good btw) and I made a consultation appointment with Lisa right away. It was love at first sight. Lisa has a great energy and passion towards what she does – she’s very organized, detail oriented, and attentive to my needs and wants.

Although we chose the day-of coordinator package, Lisa started coordinating about a month (or more!) prior to our wedding day. She connected with all of our vendors , bridal party, MC, Officiant, basically everyone except guests, to make sure everything is on track and everyone knows his/her role. Lisa did all of this without the need to bother me at all ! She was like a fairy who got all the job done at night silently, and I could just wake up and be a princess!

Days before our wedding, Lisa made sure she picked up everything I wanted to bring to the wedding venue from me, so I didn’t have to worry about anything on my wedding day. And on my wedding day, I was ABSOLUTELY stress-free because of her. I completely trusted Lisa to handle everything and she did an amazing job making our wedding an extremely successful one ! Side note, I am a super control freak and always need to do everything on my own to ensure the quality, but with Lisa, I honestly felt so relaxed and completely trusted that she can turn my vision into reality, and she did what I expected and beyond.

Both my husband (husband !) and I are so so so grateful for everything Lisa did for us and we cannot be happier about her service. I highly highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs a planner (day of or full planning !). I already miss Lisa and reallyyyyyyyy want her in my life forever. We love you Lisa and Shing Wedding !

Lisa and her team did such an incredible job and made our wedding day go so smoothly. If there was anything that we needed, Lisa would make sure that it would get done without us lifting a finger. The whole day I felt so relaxing knowing that Lisa had everything under control. I would 100% recommend Shing Weddings, you will not regret it!!

Lisa, lisa, lisa, lisa! We don’t even know where to begin! We met Lisa at our friend’s wedding and we were able to see her work her magic and damn, she is on point. She’s such a hard worker and really gets everything done, and that’s why we chose her because we knew how hard she hustled and wouldn’t disappoint or let us down. She took care of EVERYTHING to the tee!! Anything we needed or asked, she got it done. My family and friends LOVED her and all has great things to say. She’s funny, quirky (I miss your laugh, Lisa), but knows when to be serious with a professional attitude and put us in check! Not only did she have our back, she had everyone’s else. Her assistants, all I have to say..they were BOMBS! Took care of everything and kept my husband and I hydrated!

The best part was towards the end when the whole room chanted “LISA, LISA LISA”, so I highly highly recommend Lisa and her team. She took care of everything after the party was over and packed everything for us, we did not have to worry about it. It was the best day of our lives and we have to thank Lisa because without her, our wedding wouldn’t have been how it was. 11/10!!

From the bride who isn’t very detail oriented. Lisa and her team are the absolute best! I never had to worry about anything on my wedding day. The day went so smoothly. I was told where and when to be. She handled every detail leading up to the wedding and during it.

From a bride that hates to plan and make decisions. Lisa and her team at Shing weddings did a fantastic job organizing our wedding! We had family members with strong opinions and even with many people to please, Lisa organized a very beautiful and fun event that even pleased my difficult father. Having Lisa saved me many headaches from my family and the Shing team was indispensable on the wedding day; they took care of absolutely everything that went on that day and even looked after our stuff after the day was over. 10/10!

I cannot tell you how invaluable Lisa and her team at Shing Weddings was to our entire wedding planning process (but I’m sure as heck gonna try!) To say that she went above and beyond would be a gross understatement and would frankly undermine the ridiculousness she had to endure to make our wedding day a beautiful, beautiful reality. Imagine this: 5 days before our actual wedding day, the restaurant for the reception pulls the plug and we lose our dinner venue!!! Lisa brushed her shoulders off and went to work! Long story short, our wedding day was perfection. From small details to the big, Lisa made sure my wife and I didn’t have to deal with anything extraneous. She’s professional and a perfectionist. She gifted us the one thing I would wish for any couple getting married: Peace of mind. The wedding party literally had to show up, pose for pictures and dance… That’s it! She was there to troubleshoot, organize and orchestrate. Lisa was on the ball with where to go, what to do and at what time… On top of having everything set up before we got there! My wife and I got to sit back and truly, truly enjoy the day. You can’t put a price on having a wedding that goes smoother than your expectations. HIRE. HER. NOW!

What can I say? Where should I start? We were lucky to have Lisa to help us throughout the wedding planning and execution of what turned out to be not only smooth but beautiful and fun wedding!

Lisa worked very well with us because of her honesty, straightforwardness and creativity! We are two full-time professionals and our life was already hectic enough with all sort of unrelated family and other events that we needed to take care of prior to the wedding, without her, our wedding would have not been the talk of the week!

With her connections in the industry, I am very confident that we had the best vendors to work with. Good price, great quality and those vendors are someone that I would like to call friends moving forward, especially Lisa herself.

On our wedding day, she made sure that everything was done on time and all the guests were well taken care of. During our wedding photoshoot at a park outside at 30 degree, she brought along water for not only us and the wedding party, but for the vendors as well. And SHE CARRIED ALL ON HER OWN SHOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!Where can you find a wedding planner like this? Seriously!

Lisa is truly one of the best planners in Vancouver I first noticed Lisa and ShingWeddings team in another wedding where I was helping with shooting photos and capturing their special day. Lisa went above and beyond what most planners do, she took care of the photographers and other vendors and ensuring that we knew the schedule and certain pivotal moments ahead of time. She coordinated the Chinese tea ceremony very well and taught the wedding party what to do during the ceremony thoroughly during rehearsals, so everyone knew their roles and the wedding was smooth-sailing. I remembered her, and then referred her to another close friend who was also super happy booking her as a planner. Fast forward two years later after meeting her and seeing her work, I got engaged! I hired her ASAP and she was our Same-Day Coordinator. Since my engagement I saw her work in three other weddings, and the common denominator in terms of feedback was that “She took really good care of us.” On the day of the wedding, she held the fort for my wife and I, and assisted with our other vendors in ensuring our venue was set up on time at the PipeShop. Her other team members Alex and Lorraine did a great job keeping us calm and guiding us throughout the day. We had a 14-hour wedding and she stuck with us from the early-morning and was one of the last people to leave the venue, picked up some things that we left behind and made sure we got it after the wedding, safe and sound. The stand out qualities that Lisa possess are that she gets the job done, objectively and in a way where it’s conveyed as if there were no mishaps/problems at all. She was our mental bodyguard most importantly, and worked harmoniously with all the other vendors involved throughout our wedding day. It was easy for my wife and I to put full trust in Lisa throughout the day. Our MCs had their very first gig as MCs at our wedding and Lisa helped hold their hand throughout. We almost didn’t do our sparklers but the ShingWedding team helped us with gathering enough lighters and tealights, and assist our many family and friends with this special moment. Our best photo wouldn’t have been possible without Lisa and the team


Hiring Shing Weddings was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Lisa was essential to our day being seamless and worry free and allowed us to spend all our time socializing with family and friends.

From our first meeting with Lisa we knew she was the one, her personality clicked with ours. She was fully prepared and offered a ton of knowledge, she really listened. She instantly brought us out of a state of being completely overwhelmed to calm and relaxed. We knew we didn’t have to worry about countless things, as she was there for us.

Lisa was a pleasure to work with – she is sooo hard working, extremely responsive, always well prepared and flexible to our changing itinerary and has such an incredibly warm and caring personality, which made us feel at ease. And our parents were so happy we’d hired Shing Weddings to help coordinate the day, which allowed them to relax and only have to focus on the celebration! Anyone who is considering hiring Shing Weddings – you will not regret it.

If there was an “Absolutely” button for the question “Would you recommend them to a friend”, we would click it a thousand times over.

Extremely organized, detail oriented, the Swiss Army knife of wedding planners – Lisa and her team do it all! We had a July wedding at the Holy Rosary Cathedral and a reception at the Roundhouse and they made everything flow. You’d forget that it was a wedding with 2 cultures coming into one with very strong personalities involved.

Lisa and her team just made everything go off with out a hitch. From the coordination with the other vendors, to the last minute details such as impromptu veil shortening minutes before departure for the church, they were able to handle anything that happened.

We both agree that hiring Lisa was the best wedding decision that we made (aside from saying I DO!!!!). THANK YOU SHING WEDDINGS!!!

The Best Day of Wedding Coordinator Ever! First off, I want thank you Lisa Lee and her amazing team so much for coordinating my wedding day flawlessly! I am so happy that I spent the money to hire Lisa lee as my wedding coordinator because she was honestly the best investment and worth every penny to make our perfect day the very best! I was a stress ball when it came to wedding planning and honestly dreaded the whole planning process more than a bride should but when I contacted Lisa Lee to coordinate my wedding wedding, let me tell you she doesn’t just plan weddings or coordinate weddings but she is honestly there for you every step of the way and the amount of care and love she has for her clients made me feel at ease everytime I meet with her. We meet up with each other like a handful of times and I was leave feeling better about the whole wedding thing. I love Lisa Lee and her team so much for everything that they do and I would 110 percent recommend to every bride or groom that are planning their wedding. You may feel it’s an expense you could save on from your wedding budget but trust me the unnecessary stress and for someone to be there for you every step of the way as the big day comes together is an amazing feeling!


Teh and I wanted to say thank you so much for being the MOST amazing wedding coordinator ever! You are the absolute best + we are so happy about your perfect wedding day, if it wasn’t for you + your team! The always tells me that hiring you was mostly for my high stress levels + he is totally right because you always kept me calm + feeling so much better after each + every one of our meetings! I am going to miss working with you but you what I won’t miss, haha not planning my wedding ever again! Thank you again so much, I love you Lisa!

Lisa and her team was AMAZING! If you’re thinking whether or not to hire a wedding coordinator, think no further; it’s definitely a resounding “YES” from us! And if you’re deciding on which wedding coordinator to go with, decide no further; definitely go with Lisa and her team at Shing Weddings as it’s everything we expected from the onset of our first meeting. Lisa is very professional, responsible, and reliable. We hired her for our day of coordinator but she went above and beyond – especially the last month before our wedding day as she kept us informed with conversations she had with our vendors, was creative in trying to save us costs whenever possible, and coordinated with our wedding party to inform them of their roles and responsibilities. On the day of the wedding, Lisa and her team arrived promptly as promised and although we had 2 different venues for the ceremony and reception (and another place for the wedding door games), she had her team members at each site prior to us arriving to ensure that everything was perfect. We highly recommend Lisa and Shing Weddings to our family and friends! Thank you so much, Lisa! You truly made our day special and stress-free!

Best team you could hire for your wedding! I am so glad we were able to book Lisa & her amazing team. I could not recommend her enough!! I knew after we attended our friend’s wedding, which was the smoothest wedding we’ve attended that we had to book Lisa once we were engaged and I’m glad we did! Lisa is on top of things and organized. She made sure that our vision was executed the way we wanted and provided valuable guidance along the way. Her knowledge about the Chinese traditions really helped as well as we did a tea ceremony and our families raved about her as well. I am usually the person that runs events and activities so I knew I had to get someone even more on top of things to execute our day. She’s also flexible and ran with any unique ideas we came up with! She’s knowledgable in the industry and worked really well with our vendors to make sure they were all aligned, which was amazing and takes the load off the bride! She also has additional assistants on the day of to help with set up event decor, and another to follow us around for the photoshoot as well and made us felt supported all day. This was the best money we spent for the wedding as it made things run super smoothly and helped us structure our day as we didn’t know what to expect. Highly recommended!!

She’s the best! I am so, so thankful Lisa was recommended to us by one of our bridesmaids. She was the perfect fit for us. She’s responsive, knowledgeable, thoughtful, considerate and very experienced. Lisa is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever worked with. Rest assured your wedding will be wonderful with her and her team working tirelessly behind the scenes. She knew exactly what to do at exactly the right time. During rehearsal, she was firm towards our entourage and thorough enough about the schedule. We didn’t need to worry about our vendors (because she’s already formed close ties with them so they worked together seamlessly). There’s a lot of positive small and big bits I can say about Lisa’s wedding planning, but here’s the gist: our wedding was perfect for us at Hycroft Manor, and Lisa was a very big reason why.

By wife and I worked with Lisa for 1.5 years before our wedding and she has made the whole process almost stress free for her and completely stress free for me.

She kept us on track of everything we needed to do, brought us under budget, and made the wedding day go by like a breeze.

Thank you Lisa for helping us plan the perfect wedding! If there’s one thing worth investing in for your wedding day, it’s a damn good wedding planner and we could not have chosen a more perfect, reliable, hardworking, resourceful and the BEST wedding planner than Lisa. Hearing from my friends the stress of planning a wedding, we decided it was worth a shot to look at getting a wedding planner, and from our first meeting with Lisa, we knew right away she was going to be the one to help us bring our perfect wedding vision to life. She was with us every step of the way and truly went above and beyond. She went with us to every meeting, negotiated all the deals with the vendors and coordinated everything from A to Z. To say Lisa is hardworking is truly an understatement because honestly I don’t know how she did it. On our wedding day, Lisa and her team ran the show like a well oiled machine and any hiccups we had, they were on it and it was resolved quick. And the best part was it my husband and I never knew about it, and trust me, of all days, “ignorance is bliss” cannot be more true. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Lisa and her team and we can’t thank her enough for helping us plan the wedding of our dreams. I look back to the happiest day of our lives and can truly say we enjoyed every moment of it. We love you Lisa!

Both my husband and I were out of town during the wedding planning. Lisa @ Shing Weddings made it so easy for us! We had 3 meetings in person and we were constantly discussing ideas over emails / skype. Lisa provided all the creative ideas and recommended some really awesome vendors. All we really needed to do was to decide on the budget and colors / theme, and Lisa made everything happen. I was very busy with big lifetime changes, and could be stressed and anxious throughout times, but Lisa was always able to bring me back to my zen. On the wedding day everything was perfect. We didn’t need to worry about anything. Lisa and her team from Shing Weddings took care of us and everything else on our big day. We just enjoyed the day and had fun with our guests. We loved every detail on our wedding and we could not ask for more. We definitely recommend Shing Weddings to anyone!

Lisa and her team were absolutely amazing! From planning to execution, everything was flawless. Annie and i can not thank you enough for the amazing job you and your team has done. Even our guests commented on how smoothly our wedding went, and how excellent their service was. Can’t say enough great things about them!

Lisa and her team provided excellent value for her services. Our experience with her convinced us to recommend at least a day-of coordinator to anyone who asks for advice.

Her initial consultation was thorough so we all got to know each other, and she worked hard to understand what we wanted from our wedding. Given the planning we had already done, she recommended her day-of services, which saved us money!

We really appreciated Lisa’s honesty and feedback. She was a very helpful resource for any question we had. We planned our wedding with her input, and she added tips to make our wedding look good and find efficient ways to use our money. Her involvement calmed our anxieties as we took turns worrying about details. She captured everything to keep us on track. Her input refined our ideas to make them as stunning parts of our wedding day.

We especially appreciated her experience with cultural weddings so we could reference what we should remember to do, or at least check with our families. She attended our pre-wedding family gathering, and her attentive yet straightforward command of the wedding day won them over. Their feedback was glowing!

Finally, the wedding day went really well. The planning paid off, and her team was on the same page to ensure that the multiple events went smoothly. She and her staff were attentive to details that kept everyone calm. We enjoyed our day and trusted her team to handle any issues.

Again, our advice to couples is to hire a day-of coordinator (or a wedding planner if budget allows) , and Shing Weddings did a great job. The ease and joy we had on our wedding day was worth the money, plus Lisa’s input/involvement/experience added extra value. We highly recommend!

I was skeptical of having a wedding planner for my wedding at first as I couldn’t justify an additional expense item for my wedding when I could go ahead and research and find vendors myself. However, Lisa was amazing at her initial meeting with us, to the point where I told my wife – we need to get this girl as our wedding planner. She was shocked that I was open to the idea of a wedding planner when just a few days before meeting Lisa I was so against the idea. Lisa really takes you under her wing when she becomes your planner. Every meeting was fun and the client/vendor relationship just grew into a friendship at the very end. Her attention to detail is like no other and her ideas for the wedding are never the same. She helped us be realistic with our budget and helped us find savings that if we had done it on our own, probably would have overpaid on some vendors because we don’t know the industry. I believe the amount of savings we got from having her as our planner was more than enough to pay for her services. Prime example is we got a storybook backdrop for our wedding that to rent would have costed us $1000, but Lisa was able to find us something for $300. Get her full package as the amount of time and headache she’ll save you is well worth it. I was able to focus on my career, while having Lisa plan my big day for me and even my colleagues were surprised at how calm and relax I was leading up to the big day. As a result of freeing up my time to focus on work, I recently got a pay raise for the exceptional performance I had during the months before and after our wedding. Had I not had Lisa as a planner, I probably will be playing catch up in my career because all my spare time will be used up to plan the wedding instead of focusing on what I do best at work. We’ve already recommended a few couples to her already and so far they have loved every meeting with Lisa. Book her before she gets booked up for the next wedding season!

Lisa is a well prepared and detail oriented person. She makes sure what you value most for your wedding gets extra attention and effort. My husband and I thought that guest experience is definitely the top most important thing for our wedding. Most of our wedding guests are shy until they drink (XD), and we weren’t sure those typical wedding games would get our guests as involved. However, Lisa came up with many alternatives for us to choose from and eventually we picked out a couple short and easy games to have our guests participate. Our guests had enjoyed the night much more than we had expected. All thanks to Lisa, the wedding went smooth (Bride and Groom had absolutely nothing to worry about on the day of) and relaxed for everyone.

We’ve booked Lisa as our the Day of Coordinator, but I definitely wouldn’t call her the day of, I would call her the month of, or even the 6 months of coordinator/planner. Throughout the months of planning, Lisa make sure that everything was on track and helped us make decisions on scheduling, should we do this, should we do that…etc. On the wedding day, her crew was AMAZING! We are so grateful that Lisa and Lorraine and the crew were there with us. They were with us since early in the morning when we were getting ready, for the Chinese/Korean ceremony, setting up of the venue, and were the last ones to leave after the tear down of the venue late at night. Not only they ensure everything were on schedule, coordinated so well with all my vendors and the wedding party…they realllly took extra steps to help us out and took care of everything so my husband and I could enjoy our big day. I don’t even know how many times the bridesmaids and I said “Luckily Lisa and Lorraine were here!”. Lorraine is absolutely amazing! If she weren’t there to fix my dress, I wouldn’t be able to have my First Dance. We were so impressed with their professionalism. My husband and I both cannot agree more that hiring Shing Weddings was the BEST decision we’ve made for our wedding! Thank youuuuu so much again for making our day soooo perfect!!!!

Lisa and her team helped make our wedding just the way we wanted and had it run perfectly smooth. She clearly had expertise and experience in the nuances of throwing a wedding. Even with complexities in scheduling, she had everything organized and kept us on track. She had great tips on ways to make things more interesting, easier and to keep costs down. Lisa was very attentive to emails, and very professional yet friendly in her communications. We felt like we could come to her with anything and she would give an honest opinion. On the wedding day, Lisa was very organized and had everything running smoothly. We didn’t even feel stressed that day and were able to enjoy our wedding to the fullest thanks to her well-prepared team. All the small blips in the day were smoothed out by Lisa and didn’t even affect us. She kept the energy up and interacted warmly with our guests. Overall, Lisa and her team went above and beyond for us. We feel lucky to have them involved with our wedding and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone, whether it is a small, big, simple or fancy wedding. They’re simply awesome!

Lisa and the Shing Wedding team was simply AMAZING! We said this all along during the planning process and continue to say this: Booking Lisa and Shing Weddings was the best decision that we’ve made throughout the entire wedding planning process. Highly recommended for any newly engaged couple looking to make their wedding planning process stress free!! You won’t regret it! Before booking Shing Weddings we went back and forth as to whether we needed a Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator or simply not having one at all. We booked a meeting with Lisa and immediately knew – we were sold! Her attention to detail, professionalism and organization simply went above and beyond our expectations. Lisa kept us on track throughout the wedding planning process and ensured that we had the details that we needed, when we needed it. She was there to answer every question that we had and was not afraid to provide an honest opinion – which we loved! Her dedication to her work and the couples she works with truly showed. On top of that, Lisa made sure we stayed within budget and helped us save where we could. Prior to the wedding, Lisa ensured all of our wedding party knew exactly what was going on and when. She ensured we had everything we needed and kept us on track with our vendors. She kept us in the loop on everything that was happening, and because of that we were able to put our full trust in her and her team and we were truly able to enjoy our special day. On the day of, Lorraine was with me the entire day and what an enormous help she was! She was there keeping me hydrated, ensured I was looking my best, and was there to keep us on time and on schedule. We even received compliments from our other vendors requesting to have her for their other weddings! The best part was that we were both able to enjoy our day with our guests without having to worry about things and where we might have needed to be. We were also so comfortable with Lisa and her team that we had left the flowers and decor planning up to her. So when we saw our flowers and the ballroom for the first time – it was a complete surprise and we were so happy with the results!! We allowed them to do what they do best and it truly showed. Thank you being a part of our special day and making our wishes come true.

If you have been thinking about working with Lisa and her team, trust me, stop thinking and do it now!! Lisa is beyond amazing at her job. She truly cares about you and will give you the best day ever. I worked with Lisa for a year and a half and I always looked forward to meetings with her. Budget was a big concern for us and Lisa was so supportive and, more importantly, frugal with every dollar! She knows all the ins and outs of this industry and will get you incredible deals! You are in safe, sensible hands with her!! On the day of my wedding her team were absolutely amazing, I’m still getting compliments from family and friends on how sweet and efficient the whole team was. Book Lisa and you will have the most memorable, effortless wedding ever!

What would I do without Lisa? I was living oversea during the wedding planning period, but she made the whole entire process very easy for us. She gave excellent ideas and truthful opinions on certain choices. I, especially, appreciated the fact that she made sure all of our requests were met within our budget. Lisa and her Team made our Wedding Day more special than we can imagine – even our guests and bridal party commented on how excellent their services were! So thankful to have crossed path with Shing Weddings!

Lisa, Lorraine, and the whole Shing Weddings crew were amazing. From the planning stages to the execution, they made it so seamless. They had an answer for any hiccups that arose. We would recommend them to anyone. Can’t say enough great things about them.

We booked Lisa for the day of coordinator, but she guided us in the right direction from the very beginning. She would also check up with us every so often to make sure we were on schedule. Lisa is very experienced, organized, and pays to the details. She would answer our questions in a timely matter and was very straightforward to us. On the day of, Lisa and her team catered to all our needs. We lett her do her job, and everything went according to plan. We were able to enjoy ourselves and didn’t have to worry about anything else! They catered to all our needs on our big day and exceeded our expectations! My wife and I highly recommend Shing Weddings to help you plan your big day!

When people doubt a wedding planner is needed for planning a wedding, the answer is always YES! Under the wedding prepping pressure it definitely feels great to have someone on your side that knows the industry inside out to help! And on the day of, you can just enjoy the moments and let the planners take care of things for you. Shing Weddings makes our wedding day more than perfect! We hired them for the day of. Lisa and her team took care of us like our personal assistants on our wedding day – every thing went smooth, and we were so well fed! I never heard a bride could have had so much time to eat on her wedding day! Moreover, they took care of things before and even after our weddings. We were so impressed with their professionalism responsiveness. We wouldn’t have enjoyed our day so much without them going extra miles taking care things for us! Best money ever spent on our wedding day! Thank you guys

Shing Weddings should be the first choice for every newly engaged couple looking for someone to help them plan and execute their wedding day. Lisa is an exceptional Wedding Planner and Day of Event Manager! Having our wedding at Science World’s Green Roof Terrace, we needed someone who was not only able to help map out the fine details of our vision and make sure we were on-track with our vendors, but also execute the day-of and cover the inevitable issues that were certain to arise. — Shing Weddings delivered on all fronts and let my new wife and I enjoy a smooth and stress-free wedding day. Lisa and the team took care of everything letting the entire wedding party relax and enjoy one of the best days of our lives! Our wedding at Science World was a beautiful and unique choice that also relied on some very tight timelines and planning dependencies. More than a typical wedding, we needed all our vendors to cooperate and sync perfectly to setup the venue for the Ceremony, tear down for Reception and then simultaneously move our guests for dancing at night in the Eureka gallery — all on time without delay. (and not to mention get us married in the process!) Lisa was there from the very beginning! Helping us ensure that we’d thought of everything and didn’t miss a single detail. Her kindness and openness made us warm up to her immediately. Her humour got us through the rough patches and stressful periods.And her professionalism and management of the day ensured that everything went smoothly. As with every wedding, some things had issues. Where Lisa and the rest of the Shing Wedding team shine is their ability to improvise, think on their feet and find solutions. To go above and beyond the call of duty. — the true value-add test when hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is when they are so good at their jobs that you only find out about any issues the day after! 🙂 We are truly grateful to have had Lisa and team on board for our wedding! Thanks so much for making that day as perfect as we could have imagined!!

Lisa and her team went above and beyond in helping my wife enjoy our special day. On top of being so organized and detailed, Lisa managed every hiccup and potential stressful moment – to the point where all my wife and I had to do was to relax and enjoy. A member of Lisa’s team even sacrificed part of her own outfit just to make sure that my wife was ready for a last minute mishap! What a dedicated and awesome team this is. They are lovely, cheerful, hard-working and incredibly fun to have as your organizers. My wife and I have recommended Shing Weddings to all of our friends who are planning their big day. I hope that you will consider them as well.

Thanks to Lisa and Shing Weddings, our wedding was beyond anything we could have ever expected or hoped for! Lisa, Kaye and Christina were absolutely amazing and made sure that everything ran seamlessly as my husband and I enjoyed our special day. We still continue to receive compliments about how beautiful, organized and perfect our wedding was and we always say that is is because of our fantastic wedding planner! Right from the moment we met Lisa, we felt at ease with sharing our vision and expectations with her. Not only is she very friendly and easygoing, but she is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She is well connected in the wedding industry and made recommendations on vendors that suited both our theme and budget. Lisa made our wedding planning process enjoyable and stress-free. Whenever any hiccups would arise, she would tackle them head on and find solutions even without us ever knowing that anything was happening behind the scenes. My husband and I would not have been able to plan and execute our magical wedding without Lisa. We will forever be grateful for such a wonderful and memorable occasion. We would definitely recommend Lisa and Shing Weddings to anyone without hesitation. We even joke that once we start a family, maybe Lisa can plan and coordinate our children’s parties because we want to work with her again!

We could not even begin to imagine how our wedding would have turned out without the help of Lisa and her team. Lisa came highly recommended by a few friends and from our first meeting with her, we knew that we had to have Lisa as our day of coordinator. Lisa was a tremendous help to me and my husband from the moment we hired her. Lisa is super organized, she understood our vision and executed the day of our wedding accordingly. She was always there to answer silly questions and she would be super quick in answering them. She also provided us with tid bits of information to help us create our dream wedding, which we wouldn’t have known not being in the industry. In the weeks prior to our wedding, Lisa was so helpful; organizing our vendors, creating our wedding day schedule and answering questions our parents had about the wedding. On the night before our wedding, Lisa was already at the venue to ensure that our plans for our wedding were starting to take place. On the day of our wedding, we had Lisa, Kay, Lorraine and Christina. While Lisa was around in the background, Kay, Lorraine and Christina was by our side. They ensured that we were well hydrated, didn’t starve and kept on schedule. They corralled our wedding party and family for photos and ensured that any questions or concerns we had, our wedding party had, our parents had or our vendors had were answered. The transition of information from Lisa to her team was flawless. Kay, Lorraine and Christina understood our vision as well as Lisa did. They knew the schedule inside and out and ensured it was a stress-free day for us. Thank you so much again to Lisa, Kay, Lorraine and Christina for making our wedding day memorable!

Thanks Lisa and her team for being part of our wedding, our wedding would not be so wonderful without all your hard work. We can not imagine how stressful we were for the incident of the ceremony, you were always on top of everything and made sure we were enjoying ourselves and solved all problems promptly and professionally. We really appreciated all the efforts you put into our wedding, we got a lot of compliments from our guests for your amazing work during the day. Lorraine, Kay and Christina are very awesome, they took care of me and our bridal party very well.

We hired Lisa to be our wedding planner for our wedding last summer. Lisa was always responsive to our emails. Any time we had any questions or concerns, her expertise reassured us. She also was able to select vendors who were able to work within our budget while also not pressuring us to choose a specific vendor. She kept notes from all the meetings with the vendors and asked insightful questions to the vendors that we did not know to ask. Lisa is very professional and detailed. On the wedding day, she and her team kept us on schedule and communicated very well with our vendors and our families. It really gave us peace of mind to know that Lisa was there for us.

Shing Weddings was the first wedding planner we contacted and we were absolutely blown away from our very first meeting with Lisa to our wedding day. Lisa and her team are professional, friendly and personable. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the wedding industry made us feel at ease throughout the whole process. They also helped us stay close to our budget and recommended us to amazing vendors that suited our styles. We would 100% recommend Shing Weddings to anyone who is looking for help to plan their wedding day. Lisa and her team helped us plan our wedding in 8 months and it was everything we could have imagined and more.

Hiring Lisa and her team for our wedding was the best decision we have ever made! Lisa is so detail oriented, organized, and hardworking and she is the reason I had the most relaxing and easy wedding planning / wedding day ! Even my vendors would comment how professional my wedding planner was and working with her was a dream! it was so refreshing to see someone listen to our ideas so carefully and execute it even better than we have ever imagined. She was always there whenever we had a question or a concern and would amaze me how promptly she would get back to me. My friends would always comment how I am such a relaxed bride and I would tell them cause I had the best planner who is taking care of everything so I can enjoy my engagement. There was quite a bit of work for our wedding as we had some DIY ideas , out of town guests, specific cultural details and special requests that we wanted to incorporate ; not only was Lisa so welcoming to help us with each task , she was there to also give us many suggestions and ideas as well. On the day of the wedding, she was on top of every single possible detail and if something unexpected would happen she was quick to make sure everything is taken care of. In my eyes I had the most relaxing and smooth wedding because Lisa and her team went above and beyond to make sure everything is going smooth and if there were any hiccups ( as I would imagine there would have been like any wedding) I would have not known as they were solved without us ever knowing about it. An example of that to is, which to this day we joke about, my husband’s suit button fell off in the middle of our family pictures! but amazing Lisa of course was quick to fix that as she had a big case of emergency kit which had everything from hair straightener, to sewing kit to everything that we could possibly ever think of! I appreciate her hard work so much and cannot thank her and her team enough as it’s because of her we had the best day of our lives.


We hired Shing weddings for our wedding in 2016 and honestly that was one the best decisions we ever made. Lisa is very detail oriented and hardworking . She went above and beyond for our wedding making sure everything is done perfectly, resolving any issues without us even noticing so much was happening in the background! she made our wedding experience the most beautiful and cheerful memory even though there was so much work to do on the day of wedding she made sure not only us but our family is well taken care while getting everything done. Investing in Shing weddings as your planner is an investment that you will not regret. Thank you Lisa and team.

Lisa did a wonderful job for our wedding and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect. She brings the attention to detail that only an experienced wedding planner would have, and her assistants work extremely hard on your big day to keep everything going smoothly. She is very personable and professional, and we couldn’t have had our 400-people wedding without her!

First off, just wanted to say how awesome Lisa & her team at Shing Weddings was. When my wife and I first started planning for our wedding, we were quite hesitant on getting a wedding planner. Once we met up with Lisa for our consultation, our minds changed and from there on then, we’ve never looked back. Lisa has been a blessing for us to be honest. She stayed through the thick and thin to help us with everything for our wedding. There was no wasted time when we were both with her as she made sure all our tasks were completed on time. There were times where the wife had anxiety attacks and Lisa would just step right on in to comfort her and reassure her that everything was going to be fine. Everyone on the team is so detailed oriented and very organized. On the day of our wedding, My wife and I were both worried that something would go south but my wife and I were both amazed about the wonderful job the whole team did. There are no words to describe what a wonderful job the whole team did. You ladies are amazing and thank you again for everything. All of our friends still tell us that it was a memorable night and everything turned out great because your team did a magnificent job. Thanks again Lisa and we lub ya

Thank you so much for all your hard work up to and including our wedding. You guys kept me sane. Hope you had fun (we did through the whole process!) We will definitely be recommending you guys to everyone! Many thanks!

Lisa and her team are amazing! Go with them! It will be the best investment you make for your wedding.

My wife and I got married on May 21, 2016 and first met Lisa a year prior.

After reading amazing reviews of their work online and having the desire to go with a day of planner, we met Lisa for coffee. Our first impression of her is that she is extremely bubbly, fun and detailed oriented. This was the case through all our interactions with her. We clicked and made the decision to work with Shing Weddings.

For the day of service, we understood the service to be high level touch points leading up to the wedding and then approximately a week out her and the team would start taking over to work with the Vendors, and on the day everything would go through her and her team. Lisa went above and beyond and started getting really involved with helping us approximately a month out! She contacted us frequently to make sure we were on track and always offered solutions to help us. Amazing!

On the day of the wedding, any hiccups and unexpected items (things that couldn’t be planner for) were never noticed by my wife and me. We did have a flat tire on the wedding car that was supposed to take us from the Church to the Dinner ceremony. But Lisa’s team stepped in and gave us a ride in their car. Shing Weddings planned redundancies for things we didn’t even think of. They took care of any and all ‘issues’ so my wife and I fully enjoyed the day.

Many of our guests commented what a great time they had and specifically gave credit to Lisa and her team for an amazing job done. They day went so smoothly.

We also really appreciated Lisa’s attention to detail, not only to the wedding details, but the specific cultural nuances that we had, like our Chinese tea ceremony. With their attentiveness everyone had a great and enjoyable time!

During our first meeting, I didn’t fully appreciate the value of their service. I thought the price point was a bit high. However, after going through it, it was the best money we spent on our wedding. What is your wedding worth to you? Shing Weddings are there to make sure your dream wedding plans are executed without faults. Even when unexpected things pop up, they will be there to solve any issues, so you can enjoy your day. To me, that’s priceless!

Lisa was the backbone of our wedding. She was recommended to us by a relative who worked with Lisa for a corporate event. We decided on the spot to have Lisa guide us in our wedding planning process at the end of our first meeting because we were truly impressed with her genuine interest in getting to know us and we felt comfortable with her bubbly and hilarious personality. Lisa held our hand throughout the entire process and she really became my best friend in the wedding planning journey. Lisa is so much fun to plan things with and she is not afraid to tell you if something is a little over the top but not only that, she will come up with alternatives that suit your original idea. Lisa is there when you need her and she will always find a way to calm you and make it all better again. I never felt alone in the process and Lisa’s actions will show you that she genuinely cares about you (not just your wedding, but how you’re feeling, how is your stress level, how is your fiancé, etc.). Lisa is very knowledgeable in terms of the logistics of different types of weddings and she makes sensible suggestions that my husband and I both agreed with at different phases of planning. Lisa will also remind me to stay within budget because once you start planning your wedding, many things can get out of hand! On the day of the wedding, Lisa brought with her two of her assistants that were very pleasant to be around to take care of the entire wedding party while she took on the master role of looking after every little detail of the wedding. Lisa and her team was like our shock absorbent shield so everyone could breathe and truly enjoy the day. Many people think I’m joking when I say I wish I could do this all over again but I have Lisa to thank for this. I wouldn’t tackle planning a wedding without her and most importantly, she made the whole experience fun and enjoyable! We really can’t thank Lisa enough for helping us with a wedding that exceeded our own expectations and creating such positive memories for all of us.

Thank you so much for all your work for our wedding. We really appreciate all your knowledge and experience. The best decision we made other than marrying each other is hiring you. We are still in awe of the venue and details we picked with you. Our families are so impressed too! Thank you for all the great pointers and all the heavy lifting of details and coordination. Couldn’t have done it with without YOU! We love you!

With only one month left until the wedding, Lisa was one of the best things that happened to us! We were looking for someone to help us coordinate our big day and execute our vision. Upon our first meeting with Lisa, we knew we had found the perfect person. Her infectious energy, quirky humor and attention to detail won our hearts over instantly. Leading up to the wedding day, Lisa was supportive in all of our ideas and empowered us to make our own decisions. She impressed us with her resourcefulness and ability to find creative solutions to any problems we threw at her. She never judged our decisions and made an effort to make our wishes happen. We also appreciated how she dedicated time and energy into connecting with every one of our vendors, family members and friends involved in the wedding, through face-to-face meetings and phone calls. Not everyone takes time to do that! Not only did she know every key person from our wedding by name, she impressed them with her hard work and extensive knowledge of wedding rituals, including the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Our families, including the grandparents, had nothing but high praises for their professionalism. On the day of, Lisa was like Superwoman. Somehow she was able to show up everywhere – from setting up and troubleshooting onsite at the wedding venue, to our tea ceremony in West Vancouver and our first look. Her partner Lorraine also deserves a huge kudos by supporting the entire wedding party throughout the day. Thanks to her, our wedding party could enjoy themselves and have a stress-free day. So many people were worried about us not having a chance to eat throughout the course of the day, but this was a huge no-no in Lisa’s books. Everywhere we turned, Lorraine or Lisa was ready with a plate of food or a bottle of water with a straw. During the wedding photoshoot, Lorraine was always ready to hoist 5 umbrellas on her arms, with a luggage in hand with eight 20″x20″ balloons tied to it. These are just a few of the many examples of how well they were taking care of us. Throughout this experience, Lisa has become more than just our wedding coordinator and planner, but a great friend. To us, it was all about making great memories and enjoying the moment. Lisa and her amazing team made that a reality. Even at the end of the night, we were able to spend quality time with all of the guests while the Shing Wedding team packed up tirelessly behind the scenes. They have a real talent in delivering a seamless event and making sure everyone was having a good time. Their hard work did not go unnoticed with many of our guests (and brides-to-be) asking for their contact information. Thank you Lisa, Lorraine and your stellar team for one of the best days of our lives!

Shing Weddings, Thank you so much for all your help. Our day would not have run smoothly without all your organization and support. Nihk and I are still thinking about how much fun we had. Thanks again for making this all happen. You girls are a dream team.

We were lucky to have Lisa from Shing weddings and her team there to keep things under control on the day of our wedding. A giant storm had found its way in the late August and taken down trees and electricity with it. Traffic was at a stand still and strong winds took all the signs and decor down, but the wedding planners managed to reach everyone and tell them to come earlier to get past the frozen traffic. Even though we decided to book Lisa for the day of planning, I recommend couples to book the full planning portion too. It Is better to have the wedding planners work with other vendors because they have a realistic idea of what the prices should reflect and how much time should be spent doing each task. You end up saving much more more time and money when you book the full package with the wedding planners.

We sought after Lisa’s help at Shing Weddings 18 months prior to our wedding and we are extremely pleased that we did. Lisa has been highly professional, meticulous and efficient yet personable and approachable throughout our entire wedding planning process. She kept us on task and focused throughout the process but, unlike our dealings with many other businesses she has a very friendly edge to her that made all our meetings and time together enjoyable.

Lisa knows the delicate balance of when to allow her clients to make their own decisions and when to take the reins and carefully guide the process. While we wanted a lavish and beautiful wedding, we also had a hard budget to stick to and her careful planning allowed us to navigate through it. While her tone and demeanor are pleasant and even casual, we never felt that she was not up to the task and unable to deliver the wedding we wanted at the cost we were willing to pay at the onset. It’s evident she’s in this line of work out of a passion for weddings and we cannot recommend her enough to those who are looking for a planner – and chances are if you think you need one, you probably do!

Special thanks goes to her extended team who came out for the day of and soldiered with us through a 19-hour day – it was a lot of work and few guests are able to appreciate all of what goes behind the scenes!

Thank you so much for all your help planning our wedding. Everything turned out perfectly. You have given us our dream wedding and more. We received many compliments of how organized and smoothly everything went. Your team was also amazing and we both felt their hard work and dedication throughout the day. We enjoyed working with you over the past year and we will miss getting email reminders from Miss Bossy Pants 🙂 All the best to your upcoming weddings!

I’m so happy that I decided to get a wedding coordinator and chose Lisa. Lisa did an amazing job! She helped me so much especially the week before the wedding. She also knew what to ask the vendors and made sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you so much to Lisa and her team!! <3

Lisa was absolutely a dream to work with. Efficient, punctual, and always helpful, she helped us take care of the little details we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves and guided us in the major decisions that made our wedding day so perfect. We particularly appreciated everything that she did in the week leading up to the wedding, from putting together a rain plan for the unexpectedly unseasonal weather to coordinating with our vendors and making sure our wedding party was prepared for the family traditions we planned to include in our ceremony. Most importantly, our families and friends spoke highly of Lisa and Lorraine’s professionalism and thoughtfulness throughout the wedding day. Our wedding day was truly amazing thanks to the Shing Weddings team, and we can honestly say we couldn’t have done it without Lisa and Lorraine!

Shing Weddings did an absolutely amazing job coordinating our wedding and booking them was the best decision we made! Lisa was super organized, hard working and very knowledgeable, not to mention always upbeat, friendly and fun. She was quick to respond to all our questions, always gave great advice and would check in regularly to make sure we were on schedule with our tasks. She came to our vendor meetings, communicated with them for us, and helped us with so many details that would otherwise be overwhelming! And bonus, Lisa knew everything about the Chinese traditions, which made my parents very happy.

It was all worth it because our wedding day was wonderful! Lisa, Lorraine and their assistants were there from start to finish, and everything ran so smoothly that we were able to relax and enjoy every minute. They took such great care of me and the entire bridal party, always there helping us with anything that we needed. Lisa made sure everything was set up perfectly and we were on schedule the whole day. There were almost 300 guests and we’ve received so many compliments on how beautiful and organized our wedding was. I highly recommend Shing Weddings! I’ll always be grateful to Lisa for helping make our day extra special and joyful.

Lisa was amazing! Our wedding was literally 2 weeks away at the time, and she took all the mess that I had made in the 7 months of planning on my own (the bride), organized it and made it even more amazing! I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort that you had put into those 2 weeks! You’re a life saver! It was an amazing wedding! Thank you!! <3

Shing Weddings provided the most impressive service, responsiveness and professionalism out of all my wedding vendors (by far). Prior to hiring Lisa, I compared Shing Weddings to a couple of other wedding planning services through research and other friends’ weddings. Not only is Lisa’s pricing extremely reasonable for what she does, we instantly connected at our first meeting in terms of vision, flair for creativity and a gutsy ambition to personalize a large Chinese wedding. Lisa goes above and beyond what you expect – for example, she started collecting vintage suitcases and other trinkets for my travel themed wedding early on (saved me hundreds of dollars in decor costs). I’m a very practical bride and trust me when I say this – you will APPRECIATE a wedding planner/day of coordinator no matter how little you want to spend on your wedding. A wedding planner is one of the best investments you can make because she will ensure that your most important day goes by flawlessly. I was happily insulated from the “crises” that occurred during my wedding and I didn’t have to beg/coerce my own friends into helping me set up my wedding – Lisa and her team took care of everything! When you hire Lisa, you’re not just hiring a wedding planner. You’re getting a confidante (she will answer your “emergency calls” in the wee hours of the night), a decorator (everyone complimented on how classy and beautiful my wedding looked), a connector (she has good relationships with budget vendors – I benefited from her relationship with my florist!), a financial adviser (she made me stick to my budget when I was close to giving up), etc. etc. Lisa was highly recommended to me by a coworker, and I have already recommended Lisa to my own friends!

Lisa is THE wedding planner everyone should go for. She is not only a excellent wedding planner but also a great person! She is so considerate and thorough about everything along the entire process. We were abroad during the initial stage and she communicated everything clear and promptly via email and video calls. One week before the wedding, we have meetings almost every other day just to get everything perfect. She would not only pick the best things for us, but also she tries to save lots of money for us! The day before the wedding she even came to our hotel to iron our bridal dress and suits. On the big day, she is always there to help. Our wedding would never happened without Lisa and her associates. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have weddings/events in Vancouver. Great job Lisa! We all love ya!

Lisa was someone we had in mind as a wedding planner from the start. It was definitely a smart choice to go with her. Without her help, I don’t know how we could’ve survived our wedding! She was there to provide guidance and support, making sure we were on track with our to-do list leading up to the wedding. Her emergency kit helped me tremendously! If it weren’t for that, I would have felt terrible the entire day! She was always there to comfort and ensure that everything would be taken care of. That helped relieve my stress level, especially the week before the wedding. She was like a best friend throughout the wedding and it wouldn’t have been successful without her there. I totally recommend having her involved in your wedding!

I am so glad I found LIsa. She is extremely organize and extremely helpful. Highly recommend!

We cannot believe it is over! After months and months of planning with you, the day has come and gone. We cannot express what you have done for us. It was a pleasure working with you and you made our wedding a day to remember. Your guidance and advice throughout the process made it stress-free and you were always so patient and understanding with us. You were always available when we needed you and never hesitated to lend us a hand. We are so happy to have met you and have also made a lifelong friend from this journey. You went above and beyond and we really appreciate all the help and support from you and your team. Thank you again for everything and we wish you all the best in your career as a wedding planner and would be happy to recommend you to anybody. Thank you!

Thank you Lisa! Our wedding was beautiful and everything we hoped it to be! We really enjoyed planning it all with you and we know it could not have happened without you. Thank you for all the hard work!

Lisa Lee, thank you so much for helping us put on our PERFECT wedding! It is an understatement to say that we could not have done it without you. You were relentlessly professional and yet incredibly personable with everyone you spoke to, whether ourselves, our families, our guests, or other vendors. You’re a real gem. Clara Wu and I really look forward to hanging out with you on a more social and casual occasion! Let’s be friends!

We just got married on Oct 07, 2012. We were both very greatful to have hired Lisa Lee from Shing Wedding. Without her help, we both couldn’t enjoy and relax the way we had experienced on our wedding day. We were very impressed by her organizational and people skills. She listened to our requests even though they were small and came out with very good suggestions to help us decide the best for our wedding. Also, she’s always arrive early on every single meetings since day one we hired her. On the wedding day, Lisa and her assistant organized everything so well that Yumi and I don’t have to worry about what to do next, everything else were well taken care of. We were very impressed by her attention to detail, especially the decoration she made for our reception table. The events she planned for us on the reception were funs and brought lots of joys to all our guests. We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to whoever plans to get marry. THANKS again Lisa, you are awesome.

Just a quick note to say a huge ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH’ for the fabulous job you did ‘wedding planning’ for Mark and Celeste. They could never have had such a lovely, flawless wedding without all your hard work and amazing organizational skills. It seems to me that there wasn’t a single thing you didn’t anticipate and plan for – right down to having the tissue available at the ceremony for parents to dry their tears! You took the initiative in making the decisions when that is what Mark and Celeste needed, and pushed them to make the decisions that only they could make. Your patience was amazing, as was your creativity in designing the invitations, seating and table signs, emcee script and on and on…. Because of your hard work, Celeste and Mark were able to relax and truly enjoy their day. You were a pleasure to work with at every step and if any of my friends are considering a wedding planner for their child’s wedding, I won’t hesitate to recommend you, Lisa. You have found your niche in life, which is a gift in itself.

We were so lucky to find Lisa Lee to be our wedding planner. This is the best decision we made during our wedding preparations. Lisa is always so proactive and efficient. She worked so hard for us and did her best to help us with the arrangements such as suggesting vendors, preparing emcee notes & game rules, picking up and dropping off wedding things, wedding day schedule and administrations. We couldn’t imagine how we could manage our wedding without Lisa’s help! She replied our emails so quickly and always tried to assign more thing to herself thus made us a lot less stressful. On the wedding day, she and her 2 assistants were so helpful. Those girls took care of almost all the details. Thank you Lisa for the amazing job and outstanding services you provided! We will definitely recommend you! Thanks for being an important part of our special day!

I had so much compliments about my wedding and I owe it all to Lisa. She was there for us from start to finish in choosing the venue to post wedding billing! She applied her know-how in choosing the best vendors for best price. She also provided unique wedding ideas and made sure it was executed to perfection on the wedding day. All I had to do was give her my preference in things and she made it happen 10 better than what I have imagined in my head. All my friends were asking for Lisa’s business card after the wedding! My husband and I had the most memorable/stress free day of our lives thanks to Lisa!

Lisa Lee and Shing Weddings was the most strategic and important purchase we made for my daughter’s wedding. Without her timely reminders, her follow up with vendors and her amazing coordination of the rehearsal, ceremony and reception I would not have been able to enjoy the events as much as I did. We were introduced to Lisa just a few months before Kailyn’s wedding, after we have completed much of the wedding planning. Part of me thought, “Why do we need a wedding planner – I have done most of it myself already!” However, let me tell you how wrong I was. Lisa initially met with us for a strategic meeting. She walked us through the entire event and asked questions about things I hadn’t even thought of yet. She sent us amazing reminders that kept us on track, organized every little detail – she even made up cards for the MC to follow, to keep the reception moving forward. The day before the wedding, I was feeling very stressed. I had things to do and felt the weight of them. Then I remembered Lisa was the one who was taking care of the arrangements – I in fact only had one errand to do and then I was “off duty”! On the morning f the wedding, I woke up feeling great. Lisa arrived with an assistant to take all the supplies to the church. She came back later in the morning to check on us and then kept in touch by phone. She had confirmed all the vendors and everyone arrived as instructed. The entire day went off smoothly and my hairstylist (who did the wedding party’s hair) commented that she had never seen a more relaxed Mother of the Bride. However, I knew that everything was in Lisa’s and Shing Weddings’ capable hands and all I had to do was relax and enjoy the day with my daughter and family. Our next daughter, Meghan is getting married next May and we wouldn’t dream of doing it without Lisa’s coordination. Lisa, thank you for all you did to give us such a wonderful day.

My husband and I were hesitant to use a wedding planner but when we met Lisa and Lorraine we were immediately put at ease and knew it was the best decision for us to work with them in planning our April 2015 wedding. Lisa was very professional and incredibly thorough. Not only was she prompt, organized and knowledgeable Lisa was fun to plan with. She is so passionate about weddings I think that it really must translate to her clients. I’m afraid to say it but I think I had fun planning my wedding! Our wedding day, in particular our ceremony, could not have gone any better. Everything went smoothly. Lisa, Lorraine and her team were focused and didn’t miss a single detail even when we were caught up in the excitement of the day. I spent the day working closely with Lorraine. She was such a great support while we all got ready in the morning, whipping out her sewing kit and tide pen at a moments notice and waiting patiently for us. My husband and I felt completely taken care of even as the last guests left the reception and we headed home with a kit of snacks they prepared for us. My tip is to find a planner you can feel comfortable with sharing details and ideas without reservation. If using a planner is within your budget I think giving Lisa a call will make your wedding planning and day of experience so much more memorable. I honestly had no distractions or worries. We cannot thank Lisa and her team enough for being so respectful of us as a couple, our families and being true to the vision of our day.

We decided to book Lisa and her team because other friends had used her and I was so happy with her services. Lisa is very hardworking and professional. She is detail oriented and will do her best to get you what you want at the lowest price. Lisa is also really good at keeping you on budget. I would definitely recommend Shing Weddings to others looking for a planner.

Our decision to use Shing Weddings for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. Her attention for detail and helpful nudges perfectly balanced out my wife’s procrastination & my natural instincts to choose the first option available. She stuck with us through all the ups and downs to help us make our wedding day as memorable as it was. She has great contacts with vendors all around town and helped us score some great deals for our wedding. We cannot thank her & everybody at Shing Weddings enough for helping me & my wife start our lives together with such a bang.

OMG, Lisa is the best! I actually met Lisa through my best friend who hired her as a wedding planner 4 years ago. I was the MC for my BFF’s wedding. Lisa helped me with the speeches and all. She is very well organized! I was totally impressed. After my fiancée and I got engaged, guess who to call?! Not ghost busters, but Lisa!!! We planned the wedding 2 years in advance. She was always there for me for 2 WHOLE YEARS. Even when I turned into bridezilla, she was there to handle the situation in a calm and professional manner. She helped me from A-Z. Making appointments with vendors and all. I’m always busy with work but Lisa would always find the right time to meet up with me & my fiancée to discuss about wedding details plus gave run throughs with the wedding parties as well. During the day of the wedding, she was totally in charge. My family members and guests were very happy and impressed that the wedding went so smoothly. They said it was the BEST wedding they’ve been too. How awesome is that! Me & my husband, enjoyed our own wedding. Nothing to worry about. STRESS FREE! I would like to Thank Shing-wedding (Lisa & Lorraine) for everyhing that you had done! Thank you for planning the best wedding EVA!! Ps: It’s totally worth it! I’m not kidding ^_^

Thank you so much for making our day a very special day! We really appreciate you working so hard and trying all ways and means to make things perfect! We had the most wonderful experience and thank you, thank you, and more thank you to you! Love, hugs and kisses!

We had a intimate wedding with 50 people, and our family members think this is one of the best weddings they have been to, and so excited to talked about it for a month after our wedding. We are lucky to have Lisa as our wedding planner- she is very organized and thoughtful. we decided to choose her as our wedding planner because she has many creative ideas, is knowledgeable and confident. And it was a great choice, everything turned out beyond our imagination, especially the music, the flowers and our guestbook she suggested. She replies quickly and is always there at all our appointments. Everything in Lisa’s hand looks easy (we knew everything was not that easy), and she always show us big smile to less our stress. We had a perfect wedding full of fun, smile and happiness, thank you, Lisa! I will recommend Shing Weddings to my friends for sure.

First I said YES! and then I said We need a planner! I am so thankful that Lisa appeared when we needed her. She was my saving grace throughout the planning process. For 18 months, Lisa was there whenever I had a question, whenever I needed an opinion, whenever I didn’t know how to proceed. Lisa provided a structure to the process, kept everything in order, and perfectly joined my husbands ideas with my own, to create our ideal wedding. Yes, for 18 months, Lisa kept us in line with responding to vendors, making decisions on time, making sure we didn’t miss a detail, and in the end, our day was absolutely perfect. I stressed out big time at the thought of planning a wedding on our own, but with Lisa and her assistants, planning was a breeze, and our day just flowed from one perfectly planned event to the next. Thank you Lisa, and thank you Shing Weddings!

Thanks for everything you have done for us! I don’t know what we would do without you. You made our special day better than we could have ever dreamed! We look forward to many more good times in the future. Lots of love!

We only had a little over 2 weeks to plan and prepare our wedding with Shing Weddings. I talked to Lisa about my general idea. Lisa, the planner always found lots of pictures to let me more specifictly define my dream wedding. And she could always get me everything I like in reality. So on the wedding day, I saw the bouquet and wedding cake, which are exactly the same as the one in my favorite wedding pictures. It’s just like she helped make my dream come true! More importantly, I really love Lisa who is the most hardworking and productive person I’ve ever worked with:)

Shing Weddings has been instrumental in preparing the essential elements for our wedding celebration. We already had a sense of what we wanted for our big day. But from the moment we met wedding planner Lisa, distinct and thoughtful insights materialized for setting up the big day. Throughout the times we met Lisa prior to the day, numerous positive words can be used to describe Lisa including attention-to-detail, experienced, innovative and organized. As the day was approaching, our nerves were building up. Then, Lisa’s popping ideas – some from previous successes – just left us with amazement. Her range of experiences in this wedding industry has helped her become who she is… a wedding planner with deep understanding on what a couple needs, requires, and wants. Most importantly, our wedding day was awesome. The atmosphere, fun, and success were all there. If there were to be a Part 2 or Part 3 for our wedding, we would choose Lisa again – without hesitation. Shing Weddings –> priceless!

My (now) husband & I are from the United States, but, because of family connections, decided to have our wedding in Vancouver. As we were planning sight unseen from abroad, it was very important for us to have a wedding planner who could essentially plan the whole wedding without us there & be very good at communication. I interviewed by phone/Skype about 10 planners, but still can’t believe how much I lucked out in choosing Lisa Lee/Shing Weddings. I was a bit skeptical about needing a wedding planner at first & am slightly OCD, & super type A about details, so I figured it would be difficult to let go of the planning. But Lisa Lee is AMAZING. She has a great personality — bubbly, happy, always optimistic, sympathetic to those occasional bridal freakouts, & so easy to get along with. Prompt, responsive, and responsible in correspondence & phone calls. Wonderful connections & recommendations amongst Vancouver vendors. Impeccable taste & style recommendations. And for someone who is super type-A, Lisa Lee is one of the most organized persons I’ve ever met (young but consummately professional). One of the best compliments I can pay her, is that I was totally stress-free, relaxed during planning — by the time of my wedding, I utterly knew I could simply trust her with everything & didn’t need to double check anything b/c I just knew she would make sure it was all perfect. And it was such a wonderful wedding — beautiful, magical, & ran like clockwork — my family and guests (& of course us!) were so happy. Moreover, Lisa Lee went above & beyond in a way I think few planners would do — from placating not only the bridal couple, but our families in communications, finding vendors to take care of last minute things I’d formerly said I’d DIY, & so much more. I really can’t recommend her enough or adequately express how much I appreciated her services — the only word that comes to mind is gratitude. Thank-you for an incredible start to our marriage!

We cannot say enough good things about Lisa and her team at Shing Weddings! Definitely one of our favourite companies to collaborate with, their talent and work ethics are unmeasurable!

Every time I find out I get to work with you at a wedding, I am instantly relieved. Not only do I know the wedding couple is in good hands, I know I am in good hands too. You are driven, your attention to detail is bang on, and you know exactly how to maneuver every challenge that comes your way to make things run smoothly. Most importantly, it’s your vibe that I love the most. You are fun, cheerful, and know exactly how to make your couple’s experience the very best it can be from start to finish… good vibes all around, YOU are contagious. Looking forward to the next wedding with you!

Shing Weddings has the experience and the knowledge to help you find the perfect venue, vendors as well as navigate you step by step in the planning of one of the biggest days of your life.

I have worked with Lisa and crew on over 20 weddings now. It is evident that Lisa cares about her clients and the the vendors she is working with. She is great at organizing and is very detailed oriented. This is clear when you view one of her masterful spreadsheets. She ensures the vendors know what they need to do which allows Lisa and her friendly team to focus on the couple and making sure all their desires manifest in the best day ever.

I look forward to ever time I get to work with the Shing team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an all encompassing wedding planning team.

Lisa and her team are truly amazing to work with! They are professional, passionate, and phenomenally talented in what they do! They really put the time and effort into making sure every aspect of your wedding is perfect. Most importantly, it’s her positive energy I really admire. Highly recommended!

The first time I met Lisa was at a friend’s wedding, she was the planner of that wedding, and I was very impressed with her work and her detail orientated personality.

Later on I had the pleasure to work with her a few more times, she made everything easy not only for the couples, but also for the vendors. Every time she would have all the details setup for us before we arrive. She would make sure that we know exactly where everything is and made sure we are always fed and hydrated! 🙂 Even after the wedding she still spends a lot of time making sure that the couples and vendors are communicating promptly.

It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa and her team.

As a professional wedding makeup artist, I have had the opportunity to work with Lisa and her team on a number occasions. I have witnessed how happy her clients are, on their biggest day. She takes care of the little details and is quick to come to the rescue when needed. One particular wedding comes to mind, when half the city lost its power due to a storm. Lisa was able to relocate us to finish up hair and makeup styling, and keep the bride calm while sorting the other chaos out. I can highly recommend Shing Weddings.

Lisa and team are awesome. If you want someone who is organized and goes over and beyond your expectations, you need Lisa. Her many years of experience and expertise makes her an irreplaceable part of your event. She is absolutely worth every penny. Plus, she will be your hype-girl. She is professional, encouraging, nice and generous. You will not regret bringing her into your life.

I have known and worked with Lisa for many years. Lisa is not only a fun planner to work with, but also a VERY dedicated, responsible and professional one. I can proudly say that Lisa is one of the best wedding planners in Vancouver. She and her team have great manners, responsible attitude, and great attention to details. You are in good hands when you have her as your planner.

If I could give more than 5 star to this unbelievably professional , hardworking and all around amazing team I would. Every time we work together our mind is at ease because we know we are in good hands. Lisa is so professional, she will anything to make her bride happy and is above all so lovely to be around that her positive energy brings so much joy to everyone around her. Keep up the good work girls:)

As a cinematographer I have had nothing but positive experiences with Lisa & the team at Shing Weddings. Their attention to detail is unmatched and her relationship with both her clients and vendors speaks to the professionalism , reliability and confidence provided by a team who clearly excels at their craft.

Lisa at Shing Weddings get things done! I can’t stress enough to say how amazing is it to work with such a great wedding planner. It certainly makes our life so much easier as photographers and videographers. Highly recommended!

We have worked with many event planners throughout the years in business but only refer a handful to our clients. For 7 years we have worked with Shing Weddings and LIsa on numerous weddings and MUST say that Lisa and her team are an essential part of any event. Their attention to detail along with their knowledge of different cultural rituals will only alleviate your stress and worries! Rest assured that you are in good hands when you have them in your corner.

Thank you always for your organization and efficiency.

Working with Lisa is an absolute dream! As a cake designer she makes everything so easy breezy for my deliveries and always introduces me to such amazing clients! She’s so personable and I love when we get to work together!

Lisa is everything you could have asked for in wedding planning. She was incredibly professional and always organized, I would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you so much for all your support, both throughout this process and day of of our 2019 open house. We love working with you are the rest of the Shing Weddings team! We are excited for this season and beyond.

I have had the pleasure to work with Lisa many many times in the past on weddings at the wedding venue I manage. She is AMAZING. Lisa is super organized, responsive and on the day of the wedding, she makes the day feels seamless. This makes my job that much easier but more importantly, it makes the wedding couple’s special day smooth, fun and enjoyable. Looking forward to working with you again soon Lisa! : )

We love working with Shing Weddings! They are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. If you are looking for a wedding or event planner – you will not be disappointed with their service!! We work with them often and look forward to working with Shing in the future.

Lisa Lee where do I begin? I have been working with Shing Weddings sphere headed by Lisa for quite some time now. One thing I would never forget about Lisa is when the first time I worked with her. My impression was like “oh wow this is beyond her job” imagine Im a wedding videographer and ofcpurse I have a bunch of equipments and without hesitation she grabed one of our bags ans helped carry them around. Ofcourse I did not let her do that :). That only proves that she is very hands on up the the tiniest details of the wedding. So if you are still deciding weather to hire them on not And you are still reading this review? Think no more and better hire them ASAP! Sometimes its not the amount of your investment but its the quality of work that you will receive from this team. Imagine hassle free on your wedding day? Who wouldnt like that?

It is always a great time work with Shing Wedding, Lisa is patient and responsive to arrange every detail of the wedding, I see all clients love to working with her and her caring to everyone comes in nature. Definitely recommend to all bride to be if you want to have an ease mind for your wedding. Trust Lisa and she will be always there for you!

Oh my goodness, where do we EVEN begin when it comes to Michelle and Lisa and their outstanding business! We have been lucky enough to photography multiple weddings with Shing Weddings, from large scale wedding days in 2019, to intimate and beautiful elopements in 2020, each wedding day receiving the same care, attention, professionalism, and joy no matter what the guest count or size.

Shing weddings is one of the top vancouver wedding planners on our preferred vendor list for a reason, we have seen this small business pour so much of themselves into every couple we’ve had the privilege of photographing, and we can only imagine the same can be said about all of their couples. From the moment a couple books Shing Weddings, we are receiving up to date emails about timelines, vendors, family formal photos, who the couple are, seriously, their communication levels make us feel so reassured that we will be given the time needed to create some badass pieces of art for our couples, while our couple is able to fully enjoy their day thanks to the time management and leadership skills Michelle and Lisa bought bring to every single wedding.

Seriously, if you are looking for a wedding planner in the Vancouver area, you HAVE TO BOOK Michelle and Lisa! They will take care of EVERY single detail, are SO much fun to be around, are so hard working, and just such GENUNIE amazing humans to be around! They feel so much more like friends then another vendor.

We cannot wait to work even more weddings with Shing Weddings in 2021+2022!