Kailyn & Garett

Lisa Lee and Shing Weddings was the most strategic and important purchase we made for my daughter’s wedding.  Without her timely reminders, her follow up with vendors and her amazing coordination of the rehearsal, ceremony and reception I would not have been able to enjoy the events as much as I did. We were introduced to Lisa just a few months before Kailyn’s wedding, after we have completed much of the wedding planning.  Part of me thought, “Why do we need a wedding planner – I have done most of it myself already!” However, let me tell you how wrong I was. Lisa initially met with us for a strategic meeting.  She walked us through the entire event and asked questions about things I hadn’t even thought of yet.  She sent us amazing reminders that kept us on track, organized every little detail – she even made up cards for the MC to follow, to keep the reception moving forward. The day before the wedding, I was feeling very stressed.  I had things to do and felt the weight of them.  Then I remembered Lisa was the one who was taking care of the arrangements – I in fact only had one errand to do and then I was “off duty”! On the morning f the wedding, I woke up feeling great.  Lisa arrived with an assistant to take all the supplies to the church.  She came back later in the morning to check on us and then kept in touch by phone.  She had confirmed all the vendors and everyone arrived as instructed.  The entire day went off smoothly and my hairstylist (who did the wedding party’s hair) commented that she had never seen a more relaxed Mother of the Bride.  However, I knew that everything was in Lisa’s and Shing Weddings’ capable hands and all I had to do was relax and enjoy the day with my daughter and family. Our next daughter, Meghan is getting married next May and we wouldn’t dream of doing it without Lisa’s coordination. Lisa, thank you for all you did to give us such a wonderful day.

Hannah & Jon

I had so much compliments about my wedding and I owe it all to Lisa. She was there for us from start to finish in choosing the venue to post wedding billing! She also provided unique wedding ideas and made sure it was executed to perfection on the wedding day. All I had to do was give her my preference in things and she made it happen 10 better than what I have imagined in my head. All my friends were asking for Lisa’s business card after the wedding Thank you for bearing with our left hands not knowing what our right hands were doing. I do not know how you did not lose it on us …! My husband and I had the most memorable/stress free day of our lives thanks to Lisa! I know we said it many times but we love you!