Sophia & Ed

Lisa, Lorraine, and the whole Shing Weddings crew were amazing. From the planning stages to the execution, they made it so seamless. They had an answer for any hiccups that arose. We would recommend them to anyone. Can't say enough great things about them.

Debbie & Tommy

We booked Lisa for the day of coordinator, but she guided us in the right direction from the very beginning. She would also check up with us every so often to make sure we were on schedule. Lisa is very experienced, organized, and pays to the details. She would answer our questions in a timely matter and was very straightforward to us. On the day of, Lisa and her team catered to all our needs. We lett her do her job, and everything went according to plan. We were able to enjoy ourselves and didn't have to worry about anything else! They catered to all our needs on our big day and exceeded our expectations! My wife and I highly recommend Shing Weddings to help you plan your big day!

Alice & Vincent

When people doubt a wedding planner is needed for planning a wedding, the answer is always YES! Under the wedding prepping pressure it definitely feels great to have someone on your side that knows the industry inside out to help! And on the day of, you can just enjoy the moments and let the planners take care of things for you. Shing Weddings makes our wedding day more than perfect! We hired them for the day of. Lisa and her team took care of us like our personal assistants on our wedding day - every thing went smooth, and we were so well fed! I never heard a bride could have had so much time to eat on her wedding day! Moreover, they took care of things before and even after our weddings. We were so impressed with their professionalism responsiveness. We wouldn't have enjoyed our day so much without them going extra miles taking care things for us! Best money ever spent on our wedding day! Thank you guys

Trena & Aaron

Shing Weddings should be the first choice for every newly engaged couple looking for someone to help them plan and execute their wedding day. Lisa is an exceptional Wedding Planner and Day of Event Manager! Having our wedding at Science World’s Green Roof Terrace, we needed someone who was not only able to help map out the fine details of our vision and make sure we were on-track with our vendors, but also execute the day-of and cover the inevitable issues that were certain to arise. -- Shing Weddings delivered on all fronts and let my new wife and I enjoy a smooth and stress-free wedding day. Lisa and the team took care of everything letting the entire wedding party relax and enjoy one of the best days of our lives! Our wedding at Science World was a beautiful and unique choice that also relied on some very tight timelines and planning dependencies. More than a typical wedding, we needed all our vendors to cooperate and sync perfectly to setup the venue for the Ceremony, tear down for Reception and then simultaneously move our guests for dancing at night in the Eureka gallery --- all on time without delay. (and not to mention get us married in the process!) Lisa was there from the very beginning! Helping us ensure that we'd thought of everything and didn't miss a single detail. Her kindness and openness made us warm up to her immediately. Her humour got us through the rough patches and stressful periods.And her professionalism and management of the day ensured that everything went smoothly. As with every wedding, some things had issues. Where Lisa and the rest of the Shing Wedding team shine is their ability to improvise, think on their feet and find solutions. To go above and beyond the call of duty. --- the true value-add test when hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is when they are so good at their jobs that you only find out about any issues the day after! :) We are truly grateful to have had Lisa and team on board for our wedding! Thanks so much for making that day as perfect as we could have imagined!!

Natasha & Ian

Lisa and her team went above and beyond in helping my wife enjoy our special day. On top of being so organized and detailed, Lisa managed every hiccup and potential stressful moment - to the point where all my wife and I had to do was to relax and enjoy. A member of Lisa's team even sacrificed part of her own outfit just to make sure that my wife was ready for a last minute mishap! What a dedicated and awesome team this is. They are lovely, cheerful, hard-working and incredibly fun to have as your organizers. My wife and I have recommended Shing Weddings to all of our friends who are planning their big day. I hope that you will consider them as well. :)